What Is A Spiritual Healer? Are They Real?

The world is full of people suffering from all types of emotional and physical illnesses.

Many of them try to go to a regular doctor for treatment of their condition, but most physicians seem to care more about how much money that they are going to get than they do about the health and wellness of their patients.

They either hand out stacks of dangerous prescriptions for medications that do more harm than good, or they refuse to even run a few simple tests that could discover the true cause of an illness.

Their uncaring nature goes against the field of medicine, which is why so many people who have been stricken down with an illness are starting to go to a spiritual healer instead.

How Sickness is Related to Energy

Our bodies are surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy. This energy has been called many things through the years, but it is most commonly known as an aura. Because very few people can see the energy surrounding themselves and others, the aura is often considered to be nothing more than a hoax.

Sharks, bats, birds, and other animals that have sharper senses than humans can pick up on it though. Their ability to sense energy is how they are able to find their way across great distances during the season of migration. It also helps them find prey for food and locate water.

Some humans have this ability too. They can feel disruptions in the field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds other people and animals, which helps them sense when another living being is sick and in need of healing.

How Spiritual Healing is Done

Once a spiritual healer identifies the location of the illness, they lay their hands on the person's chakra point that is the closest to that area. Then, they focus on sending healing energy to them.

This requires using some of their own personal energy, so it can leave a spiritual healer tired afterwards. But the amazing thing is that it has a positive impact on both people, since the process can heal the spiritual healer too.

One does not have to be in perfect health to help another person. But if someone is too sick, then they will have a harder time sending and receiving energy.

Because of this, most spiritual healers are careful to heal themselves before they heal anyone else.

Who Can be a Spiritual Healer?

There are different viewpoints on this subject. Some people say that the amount of people who have the unique ability to heal others is very limited. Others believe that anyone can be a healer if they are taught the methods correctly. It takes a sensitive person to have the gift though.

If someone is not acutely aware of shifts in energy in their surroundings or in others, then they will not be able to locate the area of illness in a person's body. They must also be kind and caring because negative emotions can deter the healing process.

Can it Help Everyone?

Spiritual healing is helpful for everyone of any age. Some women healers who are pregnant send positive healing energy to their unborn babies.

And the elderly can benefit from it too. It can even be used on plants and animals that are sick. However, it is not meant to be used as a replacement for medical treatment by a licensed physician.

Is it Effective?

Testing that has been done on people who have received spiritual healing has proven that it is very effective in helping the body to heal itself. One of the most well known studies that was done in this area was completed by the famous physician named Dr. Oz. He had spiritual healers come in and provide healing to his patients during heart surgery.

Some patients were used as a control group to be sure that the results were accurate. The control group had no spiritual healing done during their surgery. The results surprised the doctor who did not expect that the healing method could help them so much.

The patients who did not receive spiritual healing took much longer to recover, and they experienced more pain. But the group who did have it done was able to heal remarkably well.

Don't Get Scammed

A real spiritual healer will not charge you lots of money or expect you to hand over your credit card before they begin treatment. A few of them do ask for a small fee for their services though, but this is usually to cover any expenses that they have in traveling to see people in need.

They won't require you to completely disrobe or drink any concoction either. And lastly, never go to a spiritual healer who advises you to not go to the doctor or to stop taking medication that you need because this can be dangerous to your health.

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