What Is A Spirit Guide? How Do You Find Yours?

It's believed that improving your quality of life and enhancing your personal growth is as easy as getting in touch with your personal spirit guide.

By definition, a spirit guide is an entity which provides spiritual guidance through channeling or a medium. How each person connects with and then recounts their spirit guide is a solitary experience.

The designation of spirit guide is used today by Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to refer to a presence that is protecting a human being. However, the concept of communicating with a presence that isn't physically there has been around for centuries. For instance, prophets have existed in many religions declaring that they have been sent by the divine to communicate information.

It's not agreed upon whether an individual has one or more spirit guides. But most believe that you have one main spirit guide connected to your soul at birth who stays with you until death. This main spirit guide is referred to as your Twin Flame.

Often when people have claimed to have seen their spirit guide, they have described them as being of Native American, Chinese, or Egyptian descent. This is due to the stereotype that these ethnic groups were wise in ancient times. Others have described their spirit guides as totems, angels, nature spirits, and power animals.

Another point that differs among spiritualists is whether or not a spirit guide was at one time a living being. Many believe that they were living at one time and that is why they have so much wisdom to impart.

The purpose of a spirit guide is to relay helpful information that is not available to you for recognition. They are supposed to watch over, teach, and heal you in your physical journey through life. Spiritualists believe that it is your responsibility to ask for and receive the guidance from your spirit guide.

Communicating with your spirit guide is telepathic through intuition, meditation, dreaming, and channeling. Psychics and mediums use channeling to have more direct communication with spirits by focusing their thoughts and entering a trance-like state.

Spiritualists believe that it does not take any special abilities to correspond with a guide and that being open and receptive to a spirit's message is what is important. If you can take the time to be quiet and block out life's distractions, you will better be able to hear your spirit guide.

There are many ways to begin connecting with your spirit guide. Writing is a form of correspondence believed to transmit to your spirit guide what help and guidance you are seeking from them. Using a journal or putting your questions on slips of paper, the goal is to sit quietly and try to write down what answers you hear.

Asking for a specific signal is a way to confirm that your spirit guide is with you. Some spiritualists believe that you will receive a message three times within a short period of time and there is no such thing as coincidence. Messages can be in songs, books, and in conversations.

Speaking out loud to your spirit guide is said to demonstrate to them that you believe in them and that you trust them. Asking for their name shows them that you would like to have a more constant and close relationship with them. Some spiritualists have said that their spirits had exotic names and others have said that their spirits had ordinary names. Their name will be affirmed to you on three separate occasions.

Consistency in attempting to interact with your spirit guide is important. Make a space for yourself to meditate in your home. Meditate and attempt the connection every day. Thank your spirit guides for their help every day. When you attempt these connections or receive messages from your spirits, write them down.

Keeping track of the questions and guidance you ask for, as well as any signals received, help to further your trust and belief in your spirit guide. This would also be a good place to write down any dreams that you have as spirits are said to relay messages in dreams too.

Sometimes spirit guides don't need you to communicate with them at all. They can help you on their own by sending new people into your life, sending signs even if you didn't ask for them or realize that they were sent to you on purpose, giving you gut feelings about issues when you didn't ask for advice, and pushing you in different directions when needed.

If you want help to connect with your spirit guide, consider seeing a psychic or a medium. They can help you to get the relationship with your spirit guide working in the right direction.

Chosen specifically for you, spirit guides are there to encourage and look after you. Whether or not you choose to listen to their messages is up to you but they will always be there for you.

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