Hollywood Psychics Review

What’s in the stars in your life? Ask the genuine professionals at Hollywood Psychics and unblock what’s keeping you from getting where you want to go.

Like the best psychic sites, Hollywood Psychics allows you to quickly narrow your choice of psychics by style, specialties, psychic tools – angel cards, astrology, crystal readings, tarot and others – and intuitive gifts.

Once you apply these filters, you’ll discover some really great features. On the plus side, you can click on a “Listen” button beneath each photo and find out more about the psychic of your choice in his or her own words. A “compare” box on the top right-hand corner allows you match up psychics according to their years of experience, number of reviews, specialties, reading styles and more.

It all sounds good but here’s the challenge: if you click too many filters, you may find that you’re left with a list of only a handful of psychics who are immediately available to provide you with an insightful reading.

Fortunately, Hollywood Psychics has thought of everything. If the psychics you check off are not available, you can check the availability list at the bottom of the page and quickly gather information about some great alternative choices.

You can select with confidence because the customer support at Hollywood Psychics is really quite good. Unlike some of its larger competitors, this psychic network allows you to receive either money back or credit for more minutes if you are dissatisfied with your reading.

It works this way: if you are not happy with the way the reading is going, simply press the star (*) key and it will automatically disconnect you from the psychic and connect you with customer service. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Hollywood Psychics provides lots of reading choices: through email, Psychic Chat, or over the phone. It’s a hipper site than its competitors, designed primarily to a female audience, with plenty of opportunities to receive answers to life’s most compelling questions about the past, present and future.

A Closer Look At Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics has always positioned itself as the coolest psychic website with the hippest psychic hotline. But lately, they’ve accelerated their game and now more fully embrace all kinds of psychic seekers – from actors and artists to business people, students and new moms.

Customer service is a top priority for this growing company, with both telephone and e-mail support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a full satisfaction guarantee. It’s all engineered to give you added peace of mind.

Quality of Psychics

Screening process: Hollywood Psychics promises you a reading with a real psychic – someone who was born with, or has developed, special abilities and gifts and can provide authentic readings. To join their team, each candidate must provide an authentic reading to one of their established psychics and are also screened by customers.

Range of readings: All the most common types of divination – astrology readings, dream interpretations, personalized horoscopes, angel cards, numerology reading, tarot readings, past life interpretation, spirit guides and more – are offered by Hollywood Psychics Advisors. Psychics specialize in family and friends, mind/body/spirit, sex and relationships and work and money.

Psychic ratings: Psychics are rated by customers on a five star system. Each psychic profile clearly states the number of ratings granted along with the date that the ratings began. In addition, customers provide reviews – in their own words – to help give you insight about what to expect from your reading.

Profile comprehensiveness: In the past year, Hollywood Psychics has expanded its psychic profiles, revving up their credibility yet another notch. Each profile is chock-full of useful information: years of experience, specialties, psychic gifts (such as empathy or clairvoyant) tools (i.e., spirit guide or dream interpreter), style of reading, customer ratings and more. Get to know them in their personal Q&A sections and read reviews from hundreds of customers.

Website Navigation

Overall appearance: The name of this website suggests an entertainment-driven, celebrity-focused experience. Although Hollywood Psychics continues to target females with its purple color scheme and script type font, it’s become slightly less glitzy lately in its appearance. The home page showcases its current offer, introduces you to a sampling of psychics, and lets you peruse some hot topics.

Search filters: Hollywood Psychics makes it simple to connect with the right Advisor with easy-to-use search filters – some of the best in the business. You can narrow the field by choosing a reading style (e.g., compassionate or direct), specialties, types of psychic tools, special gifts (such as clairaudient, empathy, pet psychic), and language spoken.

Scope of features: The obvious focus of Hollywood Psychics is to aid psychic seekers to quickly and knowledgeably select the best psychic for their needs. The rather superficial daily horoscope and overview of each zodiac sign and an array of articles and videos are merely the icing on the cake.

Customer access and support

Reading methods available: After you’ve created an account and added some time to it, you can call or start an online chat with your choice of psychic. It couldn’t be easier: to the right of each psychic headshot is an “I’m available” (or “I’m in a reading”) message and buttons to either call or chat.

Unique features: Hollywood Psychics lets you check and compare up to four psychics at a time, more than any of the other major websites. It also enables international callers to get an online psychic chat instantly and provides helpful phone numbers for overseas phone readings.

Guarantees and sweet deals

No-Risk Guarantee: “Easiest Return Policy Ever..Seriously!” That’s what Hollywood Psychics promises and that’s what they deliver. If you’re not happy with your last live, paid reading, it’s absolutely free. Hollywood Psychics won’t just credit your account – they’ll completely refund your money. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Pricing packages: Once you’ve had your first reading and are ready for another, you simply add time to the account you’ve set up with Hollywood Psychics. The more minutes you purchase, the more you save.

Special introductory offers: New customer? You’re in luck. Hollywood Psychics promises readings that start as low as $5 for 5 minutes and the first 3 minutes are free with your purchase. An 8-minute reading is typically just what you need to get at least four of your most burning questions answered.

Call Hollywood Psychics Toll Free 1-855-970-0232

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