Is There a Link Between Creative Abilities and Psychic Potential?

Is There a Link Between Creative Abilities and Psychic Potential?

As a medium and a writer, I often think that maybe there is a correlation between having psychic abilities and being creative. In my youth, I always would be drawing, writing, sculpting, and seeking visual stimuli to engage my mind. I’ve always been fascinated with auras as well; much of my visual art is filled with colorful characters with the very pronounced auras that I tend to see in my day to day life. My belief is that our creative spark is actually us opening up another doorway to a higher realm and when we make art, we are tapping into something much larger than ourselves as well.

How Creativity Connects Us

Art and the creative process is deeply linked to the emotional spectrum. For this reason, I tend to stay away from music or art that comes from a dark place. It’s amazing; it doesn’t take a lot for a song or some art to completely deliver us to a completely different emotional state, so why is this the case?

We’re all connected, and deep down, we want to find ways to connect on even deeper levels, which is why creativity is so amazing. When a composer or artist is creating his piece, he is leaving a bit of his energy in the painting or music so that when you hear or see it, you are connecting to an aspect of the artist. Have you ever been made melancholy by a certain sad song? Have you ever found that some music makes you want to go out and adventure or exercise? This is because of the emotional state of the recording artist; and for that reason, music that comes from a false emotional state doesn’t quite resonate with us as well.

Psychic Skills and Creativity Boosts

We all can connect to each other psychically. While some people haven’t cultivated their abilities so that they manifest in more powerful ways, we all still have the ability to connect to the greater world in a spiritual way. Creativity is one of these ways that is intrinsic to the human condition, so when you express your creativity, you are to a degree, using a spiritual, even psychic, ability. This is why we should never discourage our creative process.

If you are human, you are creative, so embrace that side of yourself by drawing often, painting, making your own music, or even doing something like organizing your life; it’s all creative and psychic. Psychic ability is our own way to interpret the universe around us through its spiritual energy, so creating is just another aspect of this.

Some Exercises That Will Boost Your Psychic Connection

There are ways to increase your psychic potential by engaging in the creative process. Let’s take a look at some excellent, creative exercises that will strengthen your spiritual self:

  1. Grab an art pad and some charcoal. I love charcoal art because it is derived from the earth and wood. Sit in the middle of the most natural area near you. Once you’ve found a place that seems to resonate with your spirit, try to truly observe it. Notice its features, any wildlife, the types of plants growing, and try to commit it to your memory. After this is done, close your eyes and meditate on your surroundings for several minutes.
    Then, create a rendition of your surroundings using the charcoal and the paper. Try to include everything that you saw, and you’ll find that you’ve fostered a stronger connection with that place and nature in general.
  2. You don’t always have to draw nature or even anything specific. I find that abstract drawings seem to help me connect more to the spiritual. What might seem random will often actually have a deeper emotional meaning that we expect.
    A method I use is with pastels. Simply meditate for about an hour before you begin creating. Once you’re done, pick the colors that seem to resonate with you. Once selected, create lines that “feel right.” Draw this way for as long as the creative process needs. Once done, really try and understand what you’ve created and draw meaning from it.
  3.  For a way to tap into psychic ability, focus on one of your creations and close your eyes after a few minutes. Attempt to see your painting or drawing through your sixth chakra, also called the third eye. This takes a bit; I find that stimulating the area with your finger between your eyes works well. Once you start to get emotional impressions from the art, you’re on the right path. This takes time, so don’t get discouraged.