The History of the Crystal Ball

The first crystal balls date back as early 3000 B.C. when they were used in numerous cultures to communicate with the gods or learn of future threats.

There is evidence that crystal balls were used in ancient civilizations by the Egyptians, Mayans, Hindu, North American Indians and Australian Aborigines. The Celtic Druids in Britain and Scotland used them to tell fortunes and predict events.

The earliest crystal balls were comprised of beryl, a natural gemstone with a transparent to translucent appearance. These were later replaced by rock crystal which was even more translucent. The ancients believed that the stones held special powers.

Evidence also suggests that crystal balls were used by the early Greeks. In 4th century A.D., the Orphic poem “Lithica,” references a magic sphere that the Trojan soothsayer, Helenus used to predict the demise of Troy.

Another literary citation is found where the Arabic author, Haly Abou Gefar, describes a golden ball used by the Magi while reciting incantations. During the 5th century, Christians thought that crystal balls were inhabited by demons or witches, and that any communication received from them was from the devil.

Numerous historical figures have consulted crystal balls to plan affairs. There are written accounts from the 6th century that Merlin the Magician used a crystal ball to foresee events and advise King Arthur.

The 13th century author, Roger Bacon, wrote about crystal balls in several stories. They allowed his characters to see events that were taking place in faraway places. Yet in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” the characters used crystal balls to see and communicate over long distances.

The alchemist and mathematician, Dr. John Dee, used a crystal ball to advise Queen Elizabeth I during her reign in the 1500s. One of Dee’s crystal balls is currently housed in the British Museum. The 17th century Germans used a crystal ball during religious ceremonies. They placed the sphere on an alter while praying.

During the medieval age, crystal balls began to be used by gypsies, seers, sorcerers and other practitioners of the occult. Throughout Europe, attitudes concerning crystal ball reading began to change and a general fear began to spread among the populace.

The images viewed within the crystal ball were considered evil, and the Church denounced the practice. In 1824, England passed a law that made divination illegal. However, during the Victorian era, another version of the crystal ball called a garden gazing ball became popular. It was a glass sphere that was intended to create a state of tranquility for those who peered into it.

The 20th century gave rise to entertainers who incorporated crystal balls into their acts for fortune-telling or hypnosis. One of the most famous performers of this kind was the magician, Claude Alexander Conlin. He was known as Alexander the Crystal Seer.

Conlin’s performance included psychic readings of members he selected from the audience. Julius Zancig was another popular mentalist and magician who was known
for reading crystal balls. Crystal ball reading was not a part of his performance but was used in spiritual counseling of private clients.

Srying is a term used to describe seeing events in the past, present and future. Crystal balls are most often used to aid scrying. Many psychics claim that images appear to them in the crystal ball.

Others state that the transparency and symmetry within the crystal help them achieve a mental state that enables them to perceive information about future events. Crystal balls have been used in many different cultures for a variety of purposes.

It was once thought that they were inhabited by spirits. Today, the more common belief is that crystal balls emit vibrations that interact with the electromagnetic field surrounding the body to enable scrying.

Today, crystal balls are still used by psychics and clairvoyants to foresee future events, reveal hidden knowledge or interpret omens. The most common type of crystal ball used today is made of quartz crystal, but they are also available in acrylic and glass.

Other types of crystal may also be found such as rose quartz or amethyst. Quartz crystal is preferable because it is not easily scratched and psychics claim that its vibrations resonate in harmony with psychic energies. The spherical shape has been retained over the centuries since it contributes to the constant flow of energies.

Psychics consider a crystal ball to be a sacred tool. It should only be used by one person. There should be limited handling by others. When not in use, it should be stored in a padded box in a place of honor. It’s best to avoid placing them in direct sunlight since it may cause them to fade.

Some believe that each crystal ball has a name that will be discovered with use. The crystal ball should be referred to by its name. Crystal balls should be cleansed to rid it of energies that it accumulated during the day.

They should be submersed in distilled water with a pinch of salt for 30 minutes to an hour or overnight. If the crystal ball is used in one session after another, it is cleaned between readings by passing it through the smoke of incense.

During the reading, the room should be dark with a small amount of dim light such as a candle. The crystal ball is placed on a black cloth in front of the psychic to avoid outside reflections. The seer will relax and focus the mind on the crystal ball as they gaze into it.

After several minutes, the ball will appear hazy or misty. Once the haze diminishes, images will appear. One theory suggests that the images are not actually within the crystal ball but are projected by the subconscious. The crystal ball is a tool used to focus and create a higher awareness.

Crystal balls are also incorporated into meditation and relaxation techniques. Focusing on the crystal ball can assist the trance like state induced in meditation. It can help clear the mind to reduce stress and allow the body to relax.

Crystal balls are believed to have some healing powers similar to those used in crystal therapy as well.

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