What Are Common Psychic Abilities?

When most people think of a psychic, they think about someone who can foresee the future. While this is one type of ability that a person may have, it is important to know that psychic capabilities can take many different forms.

From being able to see distant places to recognizing a stranger’s core personality on sight, the range of possible psychic abilities is impressive to behold.

Knowing about the different abilities that are out there will also help people to identify the person who can help them solve a problem, or it may even help someone to tap into a hidden ability that they possess.

Becoming familiar with these common psychic abilities is the perfect way to begin to explore the many ways that a person’s mind can see beyond the obvious and get down to the heart of important matters.


This type of psychic ability is often depicted in movies through a soothsayer or wise man. When a person is clairvoyant, they have the ability to see visions of things that are happening far away.

Many people have heard this ability referred to as remote viewing, and the vision may be as clear as a person’s complete image in a person’s mind or arrive as a resemblance to something the psychic connects to their personal life.


People who possess this ability are called mediums, and their talents are highly sought after by those who have questions for their loved ones who are deceased. When a person acts as a medium, they use their body as a vessel through which a spiritual entity may speak.

It is important to note, however, that some mediums may not be able to fully control who comes through. Yet, there is usually some entity willing to share insight during a session, and it is usually exactly who needs to come through.


Sometimes, this ability is confused with the other types because it can make it appear as though a person can see more about a person than they say. However, telepathy involves being able to mental communications using only thoughts between two people. Mind reading is a skill that many people have experienced, and it can be strengthened with practice.


At some point, most people have encountered an experience with intuition. Whether they decided to take a different route home from work or knew to call someone who was struggling, intuition plays a major role in keeping people on their life path. When a person’s intuitive abilities are strong, it is likely that they also possess further psychic potential.


When a person has clairsentience, they are given small pieces of information that they should not normally know. For example, they may be able to say a person’s name upon their first meeting, or they could know when it is someone’s birthday although this has never been revealed verbally.

Clairsentience can also take on the form of extreme empathy such as when a person knows that someone is dealing with sadness due to a divorce even though they are merely a stranger standing nearby.

Animal Telepathy

Pet psychics are a huge phenomenon that more people are beginning to take seriously now that they are gaining recognition in the media. Animal telepathists are able to tune into the thoughts of animals to understand their behavior.

People who are natural animal trainers tend to have some degree of animal telepathy, and pet owners utilize their abilities to calm negative animal behaviors.


Unlike clairvoyance, which gives visual images to a psychic, clairaudience provides auditory cues that the psychic can hear in their mind. It is important to be clear that this is not the same as hearing information from spiritual beings. Instead, a person with clairaudience may be able to hear sounds or voices from real events and people that are far away.


A person with this ability is able to tell the future, yet they typically use a tool or special means to receive their foresight. Divination may be accomplished using tarot cards or astrology, although some people are able to divine the future through highly refined intuitive abilities.


This is another type of psychic ability that allows a person to see the future. However, it differs from other types because a person with this ability tends to receive only a relevant piece of information rather than an entire visual image.

For example, a person may somehow know that a fire will occur at someone’s home on a certain day, or they may be able to foretell a sudden illness.

In some instances, precognition occurs in people without prior experience of psychic abilities, an it has been known to make believers out of people who witness its power to save lives.


Some psychics are able to tap into the energy that is stored within inanimate objects. Psychometry involves someone being able to pick up information by simply holding an object that someone once touched. Usually, this is in the form of flashbacks regarding an event that has happened.

For instance, a person may be able to sense a tragic event from just holding an item of clothing that was worn during an accident or time of loss.


People tend to be fascinated by telekinesis because being able to move things merely with one’s mind is a favored trick among magicians. However, some psychics do possess the ability to manipulate objects with their thoughts, and it is believed that anyone can achieve this ability through repetition and practice.

Closing Thoughts

The world is full of interesting possibilities, and it is important to be open to exploring what is possible when one opens up their mind to new ways of understanding. While some psychics choose to focus on one ability, others decide to expand their abilities to incorporate multiple ways of understanding the world. By being willing to recognize the many types of abilities that one could possess, anyone can tap into the universal fields of energy to enhance their psychic potential.

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