Who Is Psychic Joanne Gerber?

Joanne Gerber is a well-known active psychic medium who works from her home base in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to her gifts as a medium, Ms. Gerber also has the gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, each of which she uses to the benefit of her international clientele.

Joanne Gerber's Early Work

In an interview with Online Psychic Chat, Ms. Gerber states that as a child, she was initially unsure about how to use her psychic and mediumship gifts.

She shares that she simply had to experiment and try new things to learn how to use her gifts to help others, ease pain and suffering, facilitate connection with the other side and better understand the many helpful applications for her gifts.

Today, Ms. Gerber is especially keen to help resolve issues that may be lingering between people still on this plane and those who have passed over into the spirit world. Her mission of service includes easing regret and facilitating communication to resolve words left unspoken between loved ones who are now separated by different dimensions.

Joanne Gerber's Formal Education and Special Training

Ms. Gerber holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She also holds certifications as a Reiki practitioner and a clinical and metaphysical hypnotherapist.

She maintains active memberships in the Thantology Association and The Association for Death Education and Counseling. She is an IRM certified psychic medium via VERITAS (see more here) and was awarded a Certificate of Mediumship Proficiency by the Forever Family Foundation. Ms. Gerber is now an Advisory Medium and board member for the Forever Family Foundation.

Ms. Gerber continues to seek out opportunities for continuing education and training to develop her knowledge and skills to better serve humanity.

Joanne Gerber in Private Practice

Ms. Gerber has generated an extensive online portfolio of favorable psychic mediumship reviews and is greatly respected by the psychic community. Her priority is to deliver evidential messages from those who have passed over into the spiritual world to loved ones on this side. To aid in this effort, Ms. Gerber describes her work as the ability to bridge not distance but dimension, in much the same way that a small shift on a radio dial brings a different channel within hearing.

In addition to her one-to-one work with a global client base, Ms. Gerber is a frequent lecturer, workshop leader and group reading facilitator nationally and internationally.
Despite her worldwide recognition, she remains readily reachable by phone or email via her website, www.joannegerber.com.

Joanne Gerber in Mediumship Research

From the beginning, Ms. Gerber has maintained a dual focus to serve her clients faithfully and also make herself available to researchers keen to learn more about psychic phenomena and psychic gifts such as mediumship. To that end, she has permitted her gifts be studied by University of Arizona researchers Dr. Gary Schwartz, PH.D. and Julie Beischel, PH.D.

Her participation in their VERITAS program and continued participation in Dr. Julie Beischel's Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential program have allowed researchers to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of mediumship.

Ms. Gerber also undertook to become IRM (Integrative Research Medium) certified as a part of her participation in the VERITAS program. The nine-step certification process included a written questionnaire, psychological testing, phone interviews with researchers, blind (anonymous) phone and email readings, training in various research techniques and production of a biographical statement.

When she became actively involved with the Windbridge Institute, she also went through the process to become certified as a Level 5 Certified Research Medium.

As an IRM certified psychic medium, Ms. Gerber verified her willingness to uphold both a spiritual and scientific code of ethics that encompasses truthfulness, compassion, humility, openness, respect, evolution and growth.

Joanne Gerber in the Media

Ms. Gerber maintains a busy schedule of lectures at college campuses, expos, conventions and spiritual centers around the world. She continues to offer her services via a weekly radio show called “Psychic Segment” on Catamount Radio WJJR 98.1 FM and she also hosts a monthly online chat for the Boston Globe's online newspaper called “Chat with Psychic Joanne Gerber.”

Ms. Gerber has also been featured on television, both in national news programs and television programs. She has been a guest with NBC Weekend Today Show, The Today Show and New England Cable News (NECN) and was a featured guest on the internationally syndicated hit television talk show, “Crossing Over With John Edward.”

She is a beloved guest on internationally renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh's chat room and is also featured on his website.

Ms. Gerber has also appeared as a featured guest on the independently produced television show called “Third Eye” hosted by Lucia Reed.

Her ongoing list of media appearances is long and varied, including radio, online, chat, print and television appearances in addition to her busy readings and lectures schedule.

Joanne Gerber's Reading Services

Ms. Gerber continues to offer both private and group readings as a psychic and psychic medium. She works on both levels to meet the needs of her active client base. As a psychic, Ms. Gerber can assist with issues ranging from career choices to relationship issues, spiritual growth to life path.

As a medium, Ms. Gerber can assist with making a communication connection with a loved one who has passed over to the spirit side. Her focus in mediumship readings is to provide evidential information to reassure her clients of the authenticity of the communication from their loved one on the other side.

While in the past, Ms. Gerber has also offered a special type of reading focused on past life regression, she is not currently accepting any new clients for this type of reading.

Joanne Gerber's Spirit Chat Room

On her website, Ms. Gerber maintains a chat room called “Spirit Chat” which is moderated by a series of hand-picked guest speakers, each of whom are experts in their respective fields. Use of the chat room is free with registration of a login name and password.

Joanne Gerber Resume

Ms. Gerber is listed as one of the top 100 American psychics in the book “The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America” by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble. She is well respected in the psychic and mediumship communities, receiving top recognition and recommendations from the likes of James Van Praagh, John Edward and many other notables in her field.

While to date, formal research has yet to fully quantify exactly how gifts such as Ms. Gerber's come to be or are able to work, thanks to Ms. Gerber's ongoing commitment to participate in research regarding psychic phenomenon and continue her own formal education, much more is known about psychic abilities, mediumship and other less well understood dimensional phenomena.

What is clear is that Ms. Gerber is both well respected and world renowned in her field, both by other psychic medium luminaries and by her ever-expanding clientele. She continues to maintain visibility at a public level to advance the public's understanding of psychic and mediumship gifts, promote a better connection between this dimension and the spirit world, ease suffering, offer healing and serve as a bridge to reconnect loved ones with gentleness, love, compassion and respect.