Psychic Matthew L. Fraser Biography

Psychic Matthew L Fraser Bio

Matthew L. Fraser is a renowned American psychic whose work has been featured on various radio and television shows, including The Learning Annex, CBS Radio, Fox News, and WWLP Morning News. A frequent guest on the television program “Your Time with Kim Iverson,” OM Times Magazine declared Fraser a Psychic Superstar and one of the Best Psychics in America in 2012. That same year Fraser published his first book, titled “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability,” which went on to become a national bestseller. Fraser has additionally gained a large social media following on networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and frequently hosts international tours and events.

Born on July 8, 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts, Fraser was born with “the sight,” a gift he claims was passed down through the generations on his maternal grandmother's side. Fraser cites early instances in his young life where his psychic abilities became powerfully obvious; by the time he was four years old he began to hear the voices of the departed in his home, with the frequency heightening at night. Fraser admits the gift frightened him at first, and for many years he ignored the signs in an attempt to lead a normal life. Fraser has often compared his childhood experiences to those of the main character from “The Sixth Sense,” admitting he felt a similar alienation as the little boy who convened with spirits.

Fraser initially trained and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in the New England area before deciding to embrace his psychic abilities and use them to help others. Overcoming his fear of being held as an outcast, the psychic visionary embraced his gift as his true calling in life, with success following shortly after.

Using one-on-one telephone appointments, as well as reaching out through writing and broadcast appearances on radio and television shows, Fraser has developed a committed network for helping others. His telephone-conducted psychic readings allow the consultee to remain anonymous, and are still the most sought-after method of working with the psychic. As of 2015, there is a reported 6 month waiting listing for a telephone appointment with Fraser. During his one-on-one consultations, Fraser guides individuals to their departed loved ones, relaying messages and helping to bridge the divide between this life and the next. In a recent interview Fraser explained that many who pass on wish to tell their loved ones not to lose hope, to continue to lead the life they pursued prior to their passing. Fraser notes the importance of acting with love and kindness to others, a message repeatedly passed on from the departed.

During his live events, Fraser is often asked how he is able to received messages from the spirit world. Fraser explains that he will often see the departed standing beside or behind their loved ones in the audience, that they tell him the names of their loved ones and messages they wish for them to receive. Fraser believes that the souls of the departed look to psychic mediums as a way to be heard, to communicate with those they left behind. It is Fraser's belief that by acting as “messenger” between the departed and their living loved ones, he is providing answers and closure for both parties.

To date, Fraser's bestselling event as been “Medium with a Message,” which ran from June 2015 to November 2015. During the event, Fraser connected attendees with the spirits of departed friends, partners, and family members through psychic channeling, with many audience members reporting feelings of euphoria and peace of mind following the event.

Along with public appearances and private consultations, Fraser also offers classes in spiritual psychic development. Through his teaching methods, Fraser assists individuals in identifying their own unique psychic abilities, helping them to fully utilize them in a healthy, productive way. The classes also aid in helping prospective psychics channel their abilities through various techniques and tools, as well as through exercises intended to develop and expand deeper intuition. Ultimately, the goal is to communicate with the spirit world and overcome grief and confusion through clear and concise means of perception and subsequent communication.

Additionally, Fraser also offers a downloadable class called “Communicating with the Spirit World.” The audio course has proven extremely successful in helping individuals develop and focus their intuition to connect with and receive messages from the spirit world. The audio course can be downloaded from Fraser's website or mobile app, with no restrictive syllabi or time allotment to adhere to. For that reason many have chosen this method for both instruction and enjoyment.

Fans of Fraser can sign up to receive a monthly newsletter called “Emails from Heaven,” in which the medium offers news and updates on his work, messages of inspiration, and tips for finding and communicating with one's own guardian angel. In addition, Fraser has launched his own jewelry collection called “Everlasting Love,” comprised of individually designed and handmade pieces. Fraser has described the pieces as his personal representations of the many spirits he has communicated with, and the messages of eternal love that have been conveyed. It is his hope, he says, that those who wear the pieces will feel connected to their departed loved ones and remember their own purpose to love and be loved in this lifetime.

Seeking to reach out and help on a personal as well as public level, Fraser is an active member of his community, volunteering and participating in several noteworthy organizations such as Forever Paws Animal Shelter and the New Hampshire Cultural Awareness Council, both of which he serves on the board of directors for. Fraser also frequently voices his support for equal rights, often donating his time and proceeds to various causes. Gail Furtado, the president of Forever Paws Animal Shelter, has praised Fraser's commitment both to the cause and his gift, noting the psychic's unique ability to put his audiences and spiritual recipients at ease with his warmth and graciousness, as well as his gentle sense of humor. She has further complimented his willingness to keep the mood and tone of his sessions light, and work from a place of positive motivation.

Fraser has built his work around the belief that each of us holds special intuitive powers, that with the proper focus and intention all individuals can connect with the spirit realm and much-missed loved ones. He has frequently stressed the importance of positive thinking, that negativity is not a birthright but a choice. Fraser has stated his belief that souls are not born with a negative state of mind, but that it is cultivated over time and thus, can potentially hinder a prospective psychic from using his or her gifts. To date, Fraser holds one of the highest numbers of positive reviews from those he has consulted and worked with.