Maureen Hancock Biography

A Popular Medium

Psychic Maureen Hancock has developed a wide public following as a popular spirit medium, writer and television personality. She resides in a small community located on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, together with her husband and two children. Most of the information about her life appearing online stems from her own writings, or fan web sites.

An Eventful Childhood

Reportedly, Maureen Hancock's childhood helped shape her current career choices. Raised in a large devout Catholic family, she credits her mother with exercising a very strong impact on her life.

As a young child, she experienced medical challenges and spent three years undergoing frequent hospitalizations at Children's Hospital in Boston. At one point, she even slipped into a coma. During an interview with Kathy Crabbe during 2011, she recalled returning home from the medical facility as a 5-year old and seeing spirits moving about the family home. When a sibling cautioned her talking about “invisible people” would require her to return to the hospital, she stopped paying attention to this issue.

Recovering From a Car Accident

During the same interview, Maureen Hancock described an incident which greatly renewed her interest in psychic phenomenon and spirituality. Shortly after the death of her grandmother in 1992, she suffered a car accident which caused a fractured skull and several broken facial bones.

She reported during this period she could feel the presence of her grandmother watching over her. She recovered without incident from this medical crisis and did not require surgery. In her book, Maureen Hancock wrote about her resurgence of interest in psychic communication following this event. She began hearing spirit voices and experienced an enhancement of her abilities as a medium.

Working As a Paralegal

She initially embarked upon a career as a paralegal with a large Boston law firm. She reports she eventually became a Litigation Manager with Massport, the Massachusetts Port Authority at Logan International Airport.

She worked in this position for seven years, before deciding to leave it in the fall of 2001 to found Pathways to Healing, a wellness center in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Apparently, the events of the Nine Eleven tragedy played a role in her decision.

Psychic Healing Work

Maureen Hancock studied Reiki and Certified Asian bodywork therapy. She undertook extensive coursework at the Boston Shiatsu School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the East/West Institute of Alternative Healing. She also spent time studying Lakota Sioux healing traditions.

Following her retirement from her work at Logan Airport, she taught classes extensively throughout New England. Much of her work centered on teaching corporate employees stress-reduction techniques. She incorporated stand up comedy routines into these sessions and developed credentials as a professional comedienne and celebrity speaker.

Public Appearances

Petite and blonde, Maureen Hancock began making a number of appearances in film and television a few years later. In 2007, she appeared as herself in the documentary 41 (2007). The film discussed a tragic fire which took many lives at a Rhode Island night club.

In 2011, she authored a book entitled The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer. It recounts events from her life, including the development of her paranormal abilities. The book likely contributed to her wider recognition as a medium. That same year, Maureen Hancock appeared as herself in Psychic in Suburbia (2011), a reality television show produced by Sanders/Moses Productions. Since the publication of her book, she has made numerous public appearances, in addition to conducting private readings as a medium. For example, she has appeared frequently as a guest on the late night radio series Coast to Coast With George Noory.

Television Appearances

Maureen Hancock made guest appearances several times during 2013 on the Ricki Lake Show (2013). For example, she participated in one episode which also featured another well-known spirit medium, James Van Praagh. Maureen Hancock sometimes conducts paid public “Postcards From Heaven” events in which she addresses large groups as a speaker and medium. During these appearances, she will frequently seek to relay messages from departed spirits to their loved ones in the audience.

Television networks frequently seek her out to conduct interviews. Her interviews include discussions with reporters from ABC, FOX, CNN, CBS and NBC. She often addresses topics such as spirituality and spirit communication. In the past, she has appeared also as a regular morning guest on three local radio shows broadcasting in the New England area: Fun107, WROR and Coast 93.3. She reportedly filmed a pilot episode for a talk show with a national network recently.

Work With Cancer Patients And The Bereaved

In 2001, Maureen Hancock began spending extensive periods of time performing volunteer work with hospitalized patients, including cancer patients. She has appeared at fundraising events as a speaker, drawing creatively upon her background in alternative healing, stress-reduction and comedy. She established a support group in Massachusetts for grieving parents who have lost children.

She has performed volunteer work on behalf of a project dedicated to assisting Russians impacted by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor tragedy. Called Chernobyl Children's Project International this charitable effort serves youngsters throughout the Ukraine, Western Russia and Belarus. She helped found a charitable foundation for people undergoing bereavement called Seeds of Hope. She has also in the past helped raise money to bring injured or ailing children to the United States in order for them to receive necessary medical assistance.

Aiding Families of Missing People

Maureen Hancock maintains an Associate Membership in a professional organization, the Licensed Private Investigators Association of Massachusetts. She helped to cofound a nonprofit entity in 2009 called Mission For The Missing. That organization seeks to harness search and rescue resources and to raise funding and support for conducting organized searches for missing children and adults. A licensed private investigator named Alan Tate serves as the current President of Mission For The Missing. Maureen Hancock contributes her spirit communications skills to the nonprofit and also serves as an officer and Board member.

Maureen Hancock reported during an interview in 2011 that, from time to time, she receives requests from individual law enforcement officers to use her skills to assist in some cases involving missing persons or homicide victims. She has helped with cold cases on occasion. She also indicated she receives weekly requests to work as a medium from grieving parents hoping to receive communications from deceased children.

An Interesting Career

Her varied interests spanning fields as diverse as paralegal research, alternative health care, comedy and psychic mediumship has provided Maureen Hancock with a fascinating and influential public career. Her extensive charitable work on behalf of missing people, grieving families and cancer patients impacts thousands of lives also. She maintains a growing public following today as one of the world's leading spirit mediums.