Doreen Virtue Biography

Born in 1958, psychic and new age author Dr. Doreen Virtue grew up in California. Her family attended a Christian Scientist church, and her mother was a Christian Scientist practitioner.

Doreen discovered her innate clairvoyance and ability to communicate with angels as a child. She suppressed her abilities, however, when neither she nor her family could understand them, and her friends made fun of her for speaking with invisible beings no one but she could see and hear.

In high school, Doreen discovered a love for writing, and she got a job editing The San Marcos Outlook upon graduation. She married Larry Schenk in 1978, and had two sons during her marriage to him. The relationship became unhappy, though, and Doreen gained a lot of weight, drawing criticism and emotional abuse from her husband.

She continued to experience visions and saw herself as a professional healer, but didn’t yet know what kind of healer. Eventually she enrolled in college and began taking psychology courses along with an aerobics class that helped her lose her excess weight.

Her renewed self-confidence helped her leave and divorce her husband. In 1981, she married Dwight Virtue, a man she met at college. Eventually, Doreen earned a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. She subsequently directed several outpatient psychiatric centers, founded WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Nashville’s Cumberland Hall Hospital, an all-women psychiatric institution, and served as an administrator at Woodside Women's Hospital in San Francisco.

Doreen also continued to explore her writing goals. Her custody battle with her ex-husband inspired her first book, My Kids Don’t Live With Me Any More. Her counseling of psychotherapy clients with weight issues led to a second book entitled The Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome.

She also wrote magazine articles about love relationships for publications like Complete Woman and began appearing on television talk shows as a relationship expert. Pursuing her dream of writing and publication reawakened Doreen’s natural psychic abilities and she felt impressed to write about the connection between the body, mind and emotions and healing with spiritual principles.

Her next book, Losing Your Pounds of Pain, incorporated her new thought spiritual beliefs and was accepted for publication by Hay House as was her third book, Constant Cravings.

Dwight Virtue and Doreen eventually divorced, and Doreen married art gallery owner Michael Tienharra in 1995. In 1999, Doreen divorced Michael Tienharra and married Steven Farmer, another author. She divorced Farmer in 2009.

One hot July afternoon in 1995, a male voice that Doreen had not heard since she suppressed her clairaudience during her childhood returned and warned her that her car would be stolen if she did not put the convertible’s top down. Doreen ignored this advice, and two armed men approached her while she was parking her vehicle and demanded her car keys. Her guardian angel spoke to Doreen once more and advised her to scream as loudly as possible and to ignore the thief’s command to surrender her keys.

Doreen obeyed her angel, alerting a woman in another car in the parking lot with her screams. The woman began honking her horn, and Doreen’s alarmed attackers fled without harming her or stealing her car. This dramatic example of angelic protection and assistance spurred Doreen to accept her destiny as a lightworker and embrace her ability to receive psychic guidance from her angels.

With the assistance of her angelic and archangelic guides, Doreen developed a spiritual healing modality called Angel Therapy. This therapy combines Doreen’s psychology background with her spiritual gifts and involves working with an individual’s angels to heal all facets of the individual’s life and open that individual’s ability to receive clear angelic guidance. At her workshops and seminars around the globe since 1996, Doreen has taught thousands of people Angel Therapy techniques, and many of her students have become Angel Therapy Practitioners, starting private practices of their own.

Today, Doreen Virtue is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author who makes frequent appearances on talk shows including Good Morning America, Oprah and The View. She also gives angel readings to private clients and teaches workshops and seminars. This famous angel channel also continues to write and has authored over 50 books for Hay House on new age and spiritual topics including abundance, meditation, vegetarianism, mediumship, angels, ascended masters, elementals, numerology, indigo children, astrology, fairies, mermaids and opening to angelic communication and psychic abilities.

Her book Thank You, Angels introduces children to the angelic realm. In addition, Doreen writes columns for multiple monthly publications, and her writing has appeared in numerous magazines including First for Women, McCall’s, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, Men’s Fitness, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Daily News.

Hay House also produces e-books, audio books and CDs by Doreen Virtue along with her numerous angel-themed oracle card decks. These cards offer daily guidance from the angels and the realm of spirit. In addition to angels, the themes of Doreen’s oracle card decks include flower power, saints, goddesses, fairies, dreams, unicorns, romance and mediumship. Some decks concern specific archangels such as Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. Doreen has also developed an Angel Tarot card deck which contains positive images and divinatory messages. She posts weekly videos on YouTube in which she draws a card from one of her decks and presents a message from the angels. Her videos also include workshop videos and guided meditations.

Doreen can communicate with the dead as well as with angels. When giving mediumship readings at her workshops, Doreen asks whether the person receiving the reading is right-handed or left-handed. This is because the paternal relatives in spirit of the client appear to her on the side of the client’s body corresponding to his or her dominant hand while the client’s maternal relatives in spirit appear on the side of the body corresponding to the client’s non-dominant hand.

A committed vegan, Doreen currently lives in Hawaii where she enjoys scuba diving, hiking and yoga. She conducts spiritually-themed retreats and workshops and speaks at several new thought conferences each year. Doreen also offers courses via DVD including courses on mediumship and past life healing plus a course for people desiring to become spiritual writers.

Due to her busy workshop and writing schedule, she no longer conducts private sessions. She does, however, give angel readings to random audience members at her workshops. The popular angel channel is also active in social media including Facebook and Twitter, plus she conducts an hour-long online call-in radio show at Hay House Radio.

Her program and her workshops, books and card decks attract people from all cultures and religious faiths. Because Doreen believes that experience is the best teacher, she strives to create joy-filled and life-changing experiences at her events.