What is a Numerology Reading?

Numerology is a practice that has been used for over 10,000 years, and it started in Egypt. It is the study of how to interpret symbolism based on the many numbers that we encounter throughout our day to day life.

You may remember Pythagoras from your middle school or high school math class. Pythagoras has the credit of situating and structuring the modern mathematics that we know today. He started this interest in numerology.

In the 20th century, there was a surging up of a special interest in the numerology that Pythagoras began when he began to organize math into numerical structures, and still today, it is a popular practice that many people use to organize the different symbols and stories that they encounter with numbers.

We see numbers and combinations of numbers every day, and although they most often go unnoticed, practitioners of numerology use them in important ways to interpret their lives. To them, numbers are the structures of their lives, and they play an extremely important role.

Not only do we encounter new numbers every day, we have significant numbers that relate, for example, to our birth and special occasions as well. These numbers symbolize important things in the practice of numerology.

For example, specific numbers can mean specific personality traits, talents that someone will likely possess, obstacles that have to be overcome and different reactions to emotional and physical needs. It is for these reasons that numerology is very important to many people.

It is powerful in penetrating unlocked secrets, and it can confirm said beliefs as well as highlight different fears or worries. Numerology that focuses on personality traits can be aligned with different number symbols for other friends, family members or even enemies!

Together, all of the numbers in our life give us an overall picture of the past, present and future.

But how exactly does numerology work? The way it starts is with one belief: that everything before us, everything around us, everything in the universe, has its own vibration. This is not a literal truth, but rather it means that everything has its own frequency or uniqueness.

Just as we all have different and unique fingerprints on our individual hands and fingers, everything around us has its own “fingerprint” so to speak. You must seek out, know and understand the specific frequency of everything around you and especially everything that has importance to you, such as the date of your birth, your name, etc. Only then can you know the specific frequency of yourself.

Every number in numerology that you encounter will be seen as one single digit ranging from one until nine and then the two “master numbers” which are eleven and twenty-two. The latter two numbers symbolize the most important vibration rates that characterize a specific person, especially yourself.

You can reduce the numbers by simple addition. If you have the number 16, for example, it would become 1 plus 6, which equals 17. With this in mind, a given year of birth, for example the year 1980, would be 1 plus 9 plus 8 plus 0, which comes to 18. You would then add those two numbers: 1 plus 8. This finally comes to the number 9.

A seeker will also have the letters in their name assigned numbers from 1 up to 9. Using the name, letters and numbers together will give further and more complete information so that at the time of the reading, a few math formulas and different simple equations can give the seeker a great analysis of character and lifestyle, hopes, fears, worries and dreams by way of complete analysis.

As stated, each number (one through nine has a special meaning behind it. The following is a little cheat sheet designed to explain each number in depth.

The Number 1

The number 1 has an association with the beginning of things, the sun in the sky and general energy. If you have the number 1 as an important aspect of your life, then you are definitely a special person, likely a leader of great skill and capacity. You are sometimes selfish and can be a bit lonely, but you are dynamic and animated, and people adore you.

The Number 2

On the contrary, the number 2 has an association with duality and polarity. It is also associated with the moon. This number is one of pairs, so couples, married people, best friends, twins etc. may be a big part of your life. You may have trouble with some heavy emotions and you might also be easily depressed as a 2.

The Number 3

The planet Mars is “in charge” of the number 3. This number represents being active and heightened awareness. You may have a number 3 in your life by way of the representation of triangles. Perhaps you have two best friends, three jobs in your past, three siblings, etc. You may be very expressive in this idea, and you love a good adventure to an unknown place. On the other hand, you may be rash in your decisions.

The Number 4

4 represents stability and being grounded. It is ruled by the planet Mercury. You will be strong if you associate yourself with the number 4. you are reliable and also practical, but you can be very stubborn, and your friends and family may not appreciate this aspect of you.

The Number 5

Jupiter rules the number 5. This number is also associated with going on wild adventures and being a bit reckless if not stupid sometimes. You may enjoy travel and spiritual journeys, and you are likely a bit over dramatic, though you do not think so. Be wary that people may think of you as unreliable, although you are fun and a freethinker.

The Number 6

Venus rules 6. In this light, the number 6 has a strong association with love and sincerity. You will be very passionate if you are attached to 6, although you may also be self righteous and a bit of a clinger to the one you love. Be wary of this, and give him or her space.

The Number 7

Mysticism surrounds the number 6 which is ruled by the planet Saturn. There are some dark meanings that go along with 7. It is a very intense number and also very spiritual. Look for deep meanings when you see the number 7, and be ready for something very heavy. Avoid your tendency to be impatient.

The Number 8

Uranus rules the number 8. It means wealth, seriousness and strict business practice. You may be very successful as a strong 8, but you can be a little bit too hungry for power, so watch that. Do not become a workaholic or too materialistic.

The Number 9

Neptune rules 9. As a 9, you have a strong influence on others and a strong sense of wanting to achieve in your lifetime. You are charismatic, and people are drawn to you. Watch out though, you may be prone to a lot of mood swings, and you tend to quit immediately at the first sign of trouble in a relationship or job.

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