Hi there! My name is Ashlyn; a former skeptic and now a total believer that a truly gifted psychic has the power to transform your life. Recently, I’ve made it my mission to help people like you avoid psychic scams and connect to the best online psychics who are the real deal.

Before I share some tips, let me tell you a little about myself. My parents divorced when I was only three years old. My mom had a string of boyfriends and none of them seemed to stay around too long. My dad started a new family somewhere and I only heard from him on birthdays and holidays. Needless to say, by the time I was grown, I was not exactly the most trusting person in the world.

No surprise, then, that I began to duplicate my mother’s pattern. First, I got involved with a man with substance abuse issues. Not too smart, right? Then there was another guy whose divorce never seemed to be finalized. After yet another heartbreak, my self-esteem was down the toilet and I began to feel as if I were one of life’s greatest losers.

“What you need is a psychic,” said one of my friends. “Yeah, right,” I thought. “Like someone with a crystal ball is really going to give me the key to a better future.” But one night, I was having my own pity party, and I thought, “Well, what the heck?” I began googling psychic sites and I chose one that was at the top of my search engine.

Because I am so mistrusting by nature, once I got on the site, I spent a couple of days checking out psychics before I took the plunge. I used the filters on the site to zero in on love psychics that focused on finding soul-mates and reaching closure after incomplete goodbyes.

I wanted someone with a direct reading style – no “warm and fuzzy” for me. And I wanted a sense of the psychic I was about to confide in. I made sure to read my chosen psychic’s statement and was reassured to find out she came from a long line of direct mediums from both her maternal and paternal sides.

From the very first second, the connection between my chosen psychic and me was immediate, real and electric! She seemed to “get” me right away. She didn’t mince words and her insights were just so accurate and right-on. I began taking control of my destiny from the moment the reading was complete.

I was lucky. Well, maybe not just lucky – I also did a lot of upfront research. Make sure the psychic site is reputable and offers an introductory rate and a satisfaction guarantee. Check that the psychics on the website give the kind of reading you’re looking for – whether it’s an intuitive readings, astrology, tarot card reading, or other.

Always read the psychic’s own statement and see how he or she has been rated and reviewed by others (hint: every psychic has off days. If you see 100% worth of glowing 5-star reviews, that’s a red flag). If the psychic asks a lot of questions about your net worth or your background, you may be dealing with an amateur.

Today I’m in the healthiest relationship of my life and we’re planning an October wedding. I’m over-the-moon happy. So one more thing I want to share: don’t give up. Some of my friends had to go through three, four, even ten psychics before they knew they had found the right one.

Every reading will bring you a bit closer to understanding what you really need. Once you make that connection, your whole life may very well change for the better. I know it sounds odd coming from a former skeptic but…trust the process. I did and that one decision changed everything.

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