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Sometimes it may seem as though the world we live in is getting more difficult and confusing by the day. There are times in all our lives when we feel we have lost the path we were on and we look for help getting back on to the right path. Some of us look to friends and family members for this guidance, some of us look to clergy, some to mental health professionals. When these fail to answer the questions we are complemplating, it is natural to turn to a phone psychic for guidance.

Phone psychics have been part of our culture for decades, long before the internet. These psychics offer advice and comfort to those who may not have access to a professional psychic in their community or to those who do not feel comfortable seeking the services of a local psychic.

Unfortunately, legitimate psychics who truly want to help you can be difficult to find. There are many fake psychics who only care about how much of your money they can extract from you. It is for that reason that I put together this psychic reading review website. I've had more than my fair share of negative psychic experiences. Through these experiences, I was able to find the best psychic networks that employed truly gifted psychics.

My List Of Top Online Psychic Networks For October '20

Ask Now Psychics

When you come across a fork in the road or are stymied about what steps you need to move confidently forward in your relationship, career or spiritual goals, Ask Now Psychics are the experts at guiding you along your life's path.

What makes AskNow a real standout among online psychic networks? First, their vetting process is second to none. Of every 85 psychics that apply, only one becomes an Ask Now certified psychic. Some of their psychics come from a long line of clairvoyants or years experience in using their psychic abilities to address questions of love, money, or recognizing their true potential.

Second, they customize their reading experience. You can search by category for a specialty you are most comfortable with: love & relationship psychics, tarot cards, dream interpretation, astrology readings, numerology, money and finance, even Discover Past Lives.

Ask Now Psychics offers an amazing promise: at any time during your reading, you can choose to end it and immediately contact Ask Now Customer Service. You will receive 10 minutes of credit to your account, which you can use to call back and speak with another psychic advisor of your choosing.

With over two decades of success, Ask Now Psychics offers the whole enchilada: not just some of the most talented and accurate phone psychics around, but also daily horoscopes, comprehensive videoscopes for yesterday, today or tomorrow, articles on developing a healthy mindset, developing your own intuition, observing the natural world, and more.

If you are intrigued but need a little extra nudge, it's good to know that Ask Now consistently provides introductory offers including its latest one: 15 minutes for $10 ($0.66 per minute) Plus a 5-minute FREE reading from your choice of Top Rated advisors, in English or Spanish. If you like your reading, you can even add that psychic to your favorites list for future ease.

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Ask Now Online Psychics Website

Ask Now Psychics Benefits

  • Purchase 15 Minutes For $10
  • First 3 Minutes Are Free
  • Founded in 2004
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • As Seen in People Magazine
  • Psychic Readings Available In Spanish

Hollywood Psychics

Founded only five years ago, Hollywood Psychics turned into a real star player in the past couple years; cutting back slightly on their former cooler than cool image and becoming a real contender in the online psychic network category.

Hollywood Psychics has learned a thing or two from more established phone psychic networks and offers all the important features they do along with its own unique touches. In addition to psychic readings, Hollywood Psychics offers free daily horoscopes, entertainment news, relationship advice and more.

For instance, you can easily connect to an ethical, professional and genuine psychic who has been rigorously vetted. Through a two-interview process, wannabe psychics are weeded out and those with special abilities and gifts remain. Each candidate is requested to provide an authentic reading with an already certified psychic to earn a coveted place in the network.

Customers who are seeking answers can choose from a wide range of readings, such as: astrology readings, dream interpretations, angel cards, tarot readers, spirit guidance, past life interpretation and more either through chat or by phone. It's a breeze to use a variety of filters, including style, specialties, gifts, tools and language to ensure the right match.

But at the end of the day, it's all about trust, and this psychic network is backed by the easiest return policy ever seriously. If you are not happy with your last paid reading, it's absolutely free. Hollywood Psychics wont just credit your account they ill fully refund your money.

Like many of its competitors, Hollywood Psychics provides an introductory $.50 per minute offer plus your first three minutes are free - an exclusive deal just for my visitors! Then they up the ante: each month, for every 10 readings of at least 10 minutes, they will award you five free bonus minutes. With this enticing offer, 24/7 phone and e-mail customer support, Hollywood Psychics goes the distance in providing that winning combination of quality and customer service.

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  • Only $.50 Per Minute!
  • Your First 3 Minutes Are Free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Earn Free Minutes As A Member
  • 24/7 Anytime Customer Support
  • Most Strict Psychic Screening Process

Psychic Source

Why get a live phone psychic reading? Psychic Source has been answering that question for a quarter of a century with these words: to face your future empowered.

Psychic Source, one of the oldest phone psychic networks in the industry, has in business since 1989. They are so well known that they have been sought after by celebrities, such as Lady Antebellum, T-Pain, Redfoo, Grace Potter one one of their psychics that communicates with the other side on the sixth season of Ghost Finders.

Their site is one of the very easiest if not the easiest to navigate, with close-up photos of their online psychics (who are cross-listed according to specialties, subject/expertise, tools and language), their phone and chat preferences, and the charge per minute. At a glance, it's easy to see if the psychic is available, away, or in another reading. The Psychic Source team also helpfully showcases or recommends some of the most gifted advisors with a display banner.

Their guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you are not happy with your last phone psychic reading, it's free. Psychic Source will either refund your money from that reading or give you the time back to try them again. All you need to do is call or click through to their non-outsourced Customer Care Center anytime, day or night.

It's super reassuring to know that their Customer Care is a vital part of their services; it is not outsourced or overseas. With a current offer of just $0.66 a minute plus 3 minutes on your first paid psychic reading, it's certainly worth giving them a try.

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Psychic Source Desktop Website

Psychic Source BENEFITS

  • Only $0.66 Per Minute
  • First 3 Minutes Are Free
  • Been In Business Since 1989!
  • 24/7 Telephone Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • As Seen On Good Morning America

Tips for Your Next Phone Psychic Reading

Psychic Crystal BallIt is important to be ready for your first phone psychic reading. Follow these tips to get you started and tomake the experience as fulfilling as possible!

  • Be prepared with your questions and concerns beforehand. First, make sure that you are prepared for your psychic reading with plenty of notes, concerns, comments and questions. You don't want to bombard your psychic, but you also don't want to show up to your phone reading with absolutely nothing to discuss or talk about. Have some ideas/questions prepared.
  • Pretend like the psychic you're speaking to is a close relative or friend. Don't worry about acting a certain way for your psychic reading. Your psychic should be like your best friend, and you should try to act normally around them. This can be hard when you're not used to having psychic readings done, but if you're nervous, just know that a phone psychic reading is a great place to start for you!
  • Listen more than you speak, but do offer feedback for your psychic. If you are talking the whole time throughout the reading, you won't learn much of the things you came to learn about. For this reason, make sure to be a listener more than a talker. With that being said, you should also make sure to provide feedback to your psychic so that you can get the best information possible.
  • Get comfortable for your reading. Your psychic reading should be a comforting and happy experience, so make sure to set up your surroundings in this way. This will encourage a better psychic reading overall. Consider lighting some candles, setting some pillows around you and dimming the lights. You might even make yourself a pot of tea.
  • Leave plenty of time for the reading. Make sure that you don't plan a psychic reading for the last ten minutes you have in the morning before you head off to work or those first few moments of the day before you need to get the kids ready for school and fed. Give yourself a lot of time and space for this psychic reading.
  • Remember to take notes during your psychic reading. During your psychic reading, you might want to just sit and listen. This is okay in small doses, but also make sure to take notes on your reading for later. You don't want to be caught with nothing to gain for the reading. All of the information you are being given should be jotted down as much as possible so that you can review and meditate on it later.