My Spouse is Spiritually Awakening, How Can I Help?

My Spouse is Spiritually Awakening, How Can I Help?

I am the wife of a psychic medium who has the ability to commune with spirits. I spent the majority of my life as a skeptic, and when I first met my husband, I’m pretty sure that he was one as well. That all changed about five years ago when he started hearing the voices of the dead. While at first there was great concern, we quickly began to realize that the spirits were actually trying to impart wisdom.

While those first few weeks were some of the rockiest and earth-shattering moments of my life, we eventually learned how to deal with her new powers, and in retrospect, the change was very rewarding for us as a couple. Now that we’re five years in, I want to help other spouses of psychics learn to cope with their husband or wife’s spiritual awakening, so with that in mind, I created this guide.

Your Spouse Isn’t Nuts

This is very important because at first, we thought my husband was having a psychotic break. It wasn’t until he started to communicate with his spirit guide that we realized that there was a lot of truth to what he was being told. Gradually, we learned to trust what he was hearing; and as a result, not only did our relationship become stronger, but we also have been able to make better decisions when it comes to our family life.

We have a tendency to immediately medicate and dismiss these types of life changes, and I for one, am glad that we didn’t go that route. I know for a fact that my husband’s experiences are genuine and I am happy that we didn’t simply go the easy route and sought therapy.

Just Be There for Them

As spouses, our primary job is one of support. These powers can be scary, but if you show that you’re in your spouse’s corner, it’ll be much easier for him or her. Simply put, this is a life changing event, so your spouse may not become the same person that they are today and that’s okay.

As your spouse goes through the awakening process, he or she will grow exponentially. Having the sort of guidance that the spirit world can provide is a blessing, so embrace the changes; you’ll come to deeply appreciate your spouse in new ways.

Try to See the Bigger Picture

Connecting with the larger universe means that you’ll almost HAVE to start seeing the bigger picture, even if you are simply married to a new medium. When this type of change happens, it’s like getting a glimpse at the larger majesty of the spiritual and physical universe, so do your best to derive understanding from the experience. To me, this has been one of the most humbling and eye-opening experiences of my life, and for my husband, he has gained a spiritual guide that seems to truly have his wellbeing at heart. In addition, he has gone on to help others in their lives, which is utterly remarkable.

Help Them Learn to Manage Their Ability

This brings me to my next point. It’s amazing, but there is a tendency for those who have become spiritually awakened to want to help others with their own lives. This means that your spouse will most likely want to do readings for people. This can serve as a method to exercise their gifts and validate them as well.

From time to time, my husband likes to completely take a break from his readings and doesn’t like to even speak about his abilities at all. These breaks are simply a time that we use to go on vacation, spend some time alone, or simply go about our lives as if he doesn’t have psychic gifts. These breaks are somewhat like taking the opportunity to decompress, so when your spouse wants to take one of these psychic breaks, go with it and be supportive.

Simply put, as long as you are there for your spouse, you really can’t go wrong. It’s amazing when this part of the greater universe makes itself known in your life, so embrace it and learn from it and your marriage will grow and become stronger.