Hidden Meaning Behind Common Dreams

Common Dream Meanings

Dreams are a natural part of the sleep cycle and have been studied and interpreted for many years. They most often occur in the rapid-eye movement part of the sleep cycle when your brain activity is high and resembles activity when you're awake. While scientists believe almost every sleep cycle includes a dream of some kind, it is very rare that a person can visualize the dream after they wake up. In fact a recent study speculates that only five percent of dreams are remembered after the dreamer wakes up. Despite this low number, most participants in the study reported that they do remember at least one dream per week.

These studies indicate there is a huge cultural interest in this topic. Much research has been conducted on the hidden meaning of dreams and many psychologists believe that dream recall indicates a connection to the unconscious mind. Recent studies have identified several common dreams that a majority of the population will experience in a lifetime. These trends have been analyzed and documented over the years. Recorded conversations with the participants throughout the years have enabled scientists to make a connection between the participant's dreams and real life circumstances. This data has allowed scientists to identify the hidden meaning behind some of the most common dream recalls. Here are a few of the few most documented scenarios:

Falling Sensation Dream

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with sweaty palms and the sensation that you've just stepped off the edge? You were probably experiencing one of the most common dreams in the modern day. The dream of “falling” has been interpreted to symbolize holding onto something in your personal or professional life that you should probably let loose. This could be a bad relationship, a situation at work, or anger at a family member. We all have issues “letting go” at times and this common dream signifies that recurring theme.

The Death Dream

Death is another common dream that many people experience in their lifetime. There are many different interpretations of this dream but many people agree that it signifies a dramatic life change. As you know, change generally requires the ending of one phase of life and the introduction of a new chapter. Death in a dream can indicate this phenomenon and can be a symbol of self-transformation and discovery. Many people believe that the person who dies in a dream lends even more insight into the dream's meaning. For example, if a child dies in your dream it could symbolize the entering of a new stage of maturity and your willingness to leave a more childish aspect or or habit behind.

The Naked in Public Dream

Many people experience a dream in which they are naked in a public setting. A recent study found that four out of five people will have this dream. There are two standard versions of the dream. In the first scenario, the interpretation symbolizes a person's fear of vulnerability or concern that their shortcomings will be unveiled. Perhaps you're constantly pretending to be someone you are not, or maybe you are simply insecure about your body or brain. If these thoughts play a frequent role in your daily internal dialogue you could experience the naked dream in this context.

In the second and less common scenario, the nakedness symbolizes a newfound confidence or pride in an accomplishment. Perhaps you just received a promotion at work or landed a date with your new love interest. These experiences signal your brain to feel encouraged and proud. In both versions dreamers can wake up feeling confused and embarrassed, but it's important to note the different meanings behind the two variations.

The Chase Dream

This dream is one of the most popular dreams on the list. Many people will recall the sensation of being followed or chased during their dream. This dream is extremely vivid and also has a tendency to wake the dreamer. Similar to the “falling” dream, dreamers might wake up with sweaty palms and shortness of breath. They can be disillusioned for a few seconds before snapping back into reality. Scientists have determined that this dream signifies the dreamer might be running away or ignoring a problem that deserves attention. Common real-life examples include ignoring a marital issue, procrastinating on a big project at work, or ignoring a physical or mental health concern.

The Teeth Dream

Strangely, dreams about the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth are fairly common. This particular dream scenario is also pretty controversial for scientists. Many of them believe the dream symbolizes an obsession with physical appearance, control, and confidence. For these people, a dream that involves losing teeth can be very disturbing and can lend insight to a personal loss of confidence. Other scientists claim the dream symbolizes personal or relationship problems. Either way, the dream is a common occurrence for dreamers and can be a very anxiety-ridden experience.

Dreams About Sex

Sex is a natural part of everyday life, but dreaming about it while sleeping has a different set of connotations. Experiments have determined that dreams about sex symbolize a person's desire for connection and intimacy. This intimacy does not have to be sexual in nature. It can simply reference a person's desire to belong and feel connected and close to a person or group. Perhaps you are struggling to communicate vulnerably with your partner or are having trouble making friends at work. Both of these scenarios demonstrate a desire to find and foster a connection and may be revealed in your dreaming patterns.

Dreams with a Celebrity

It's very common to experience a dream with your favorite celebrity. Most people chalk their dream up to a fascination with their idol, but scientists have discovered a deeper meaning to the common celebrity dream. Studies have revealed that participants who frequently dream of meeting or engaging with a celebrity are searching for recognition in their real lives. Additionally, scientists have found that the type of celebrity in the dream can lend insight to the type of recognition the dreamer seeks. For example, if you continually dream about meeting a famous musician or singer, perhaps you'd like to be recognized for your vocal talent.

Dreams About Arriving Late

This dream is an unfortunate reality for many people. Dreaming about arriving late to a party, work event, or meeting is fairly common in the general population and has been known to symbolize an inability to deliver on promises. You may be biting off more than you can chew and may be experiencing a lot of stress. If you experience this dream on a regular basis, it might be time to reevaluate your commitments and find ways to focus your attention.

These are just a few of the most common dreams in today's general population. Each of these dream scenarios offers valuable insight into the many challenges and anxieties we experience in daily life. Once we identify the hidden meaning behind dreams, we can begin to explore ways to rectify these problems in reality.