Oranum Psychics Review

Seeing eye to eye with the psychic of your choice takes on a whole new meaning at Oranum, the leader in online webcam readings. Oranum offers the best of both worlds: the privacy and convenience of a reading in your own home plus the intimacy and immediacy of a close-up and personal connection.

If you haven’t experienced a webcam reading before – and those chances are slim since other psychic networks don’t offer it – you’re in for a treat. A sample video runs continuously and automatically in the upper right-hand corner. Oranum now makes it easier to mute the sound if you wish to browse and view other psychics at your own leisure.

The sound from the video chat comes off loud and clear, albeit a little tinny. You will need a computer with an attached camera; if you don’t have webcam access, use a microphone or simply type in questions and answers in the text box. Either way, you’ll receive an insightful reading from astrologers, tarot masters, numerologists, angel card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual healers and other natural healers.

Registering is free and easy; simply provide some basic personal information and an e-mail address. And here’s the best part: you can take advantage of a free chat with any online psychic, every single time. If, during the free chat, you feel the connection, just add credits to your account to pay for your reading, click “Start Consultation” and your session has begun.

Oranum has a solid refund policy. They do spell out that a prediction not coming true is not a valid reason for getting a refund; however, if a customer encounters fraud or other dishonest practices, the company will take action as quickly as possible. Customers have to email details to the company, and they should hear back within 24 hours, though weekends and holidays could extend that.

Customer privacy is important to the company, but depending on the problem, Oranum might have to get third parties involved in the investigation. Customers should be aware that because the service is provided through an online portal, there are technological tidbits of information that the company needs, such as the number of pages visited. Cookies will also be placed on a user's computer, but this is a common practice with most companies.

The video interface is easy to use, and customers have reported that the readings were far more accurate than they imagined was possible. Keep in mind that sometimes an accurate prophecy is the one that doesn't come true, as they say, because customers have a chance to change course and head toward an even better outcome.

On the plus side, since Oranum is a global spiritual community, you can connect with psychics who speak a wide range of languages. On the minus side: the website is not very easy to navigate; for example, there’s an ambiguous sub-title that simply states “More.”

In addition, customer support is only handled via email; they offer a money-back guarantee directly crediting your credit card. Still, Oranum is a network worth checking out!

Confused? Get some clarity by getting a video psychic reading from Oranum. Remember: you can chat free and ask initial questions and only start paying when you are sure that the advisor is prepared for the reading and ready to help you.

A Closer Look At Oranum Psychics

What is the next best thing to meeting up with a skilled psychic and getting a face-to-face reading? Interacting with the psychic of your choice through a private web-cam reading.

Oranum, a relative newcomer to the psychic services field, provides psychic seekers with the undivided attention of top-ranked psychics anytime, from anywhere in the world. Chat with the psychics for free and when you’re ready, register, purchase credits and get yourself a private reading.

Quality of Psychics

Screening process: There are two qualities that Oranum psychics have in common: strong spiritual abilities and a great desire to help. Although they are vague about their specific screening methods, Oranum claims to review hundreds of psychic profiles daily and to thoroughly test each psychic before bringing him or her aboard.

Range of readings: As the very first global community with free global chat, Oranum offers a wide reading range. From reiki to angel communication and destiny card reading, you’ll find categories here you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, more traditional topics (love and relationship or career and business) are also options.

Psychic ratings:Oranum psychics are rated – by any customer who chooses to do so – on a one to five scale. To delve beyond the star rating, just read the testimonials to each psychic’s info page.

Profile comprehensiveness: When you click on a psychic’s profile, you are allowed access into his or her private reading room. Before starting your chat, you can read up on the psychic of your choice: years of experience, clubs, and a comprehensive “about me” section, focusing on his or her psychic approach and skills.

Website Navigation

Overall appearance: Oranum offers clarity in its readings; too bad its website isn’t equally clear. The home page promises a spiritual community where you can video-call the world’s most renowned websites, with an easily mutable sample video running continuously in the upper right-hand corner. Unlike other psychic websites, you can add “clubs” (such as candle magik, Scotts healing sanctuary and more), but it’s hard to decipher exactly what many of these clubs are all about.

Search filters: Search filters are on the bottom of the “All Psychics” page. Choose from multiple tarot card, spiritual healing, online horoscope, fortune telling and angel readings, all clearly outlined. Or select a topic of interest: mind and body, home and family, health and healing, rituals and energies and more. Bar none, Oranum offers readings in the widest variety of languages, including Portuguese, Polish and Croatian.

Scope of features: As befits a global community, Oranum does not confine itself to just a western horoscope. You can choose western, Chinese, Mayan or Aztec – with sub-choices under each – and even compare the various horoscope readings if you so desire.

Customer access and support

Reading methods available: If you haven’t experienced a webcam reading before, you’re in for a treat. You’ll need a computer with an attached camera. If you don’t have website access, simply use a microphone or type your questions and answers in a chat box. The sound from the video comes across loud and clear – almost as if you were in the same room.

Unique features: Oranum has two special claims to fame: it allows psychic seekers to use a webcam to view and communicate with their psychic of choice. And even more importantly, it gives psychic seekers the unlimited free chat to members before spending a penny. Combined, these two benefits offer a peace of mind that is rarely achieved.

Guarantees and sweet deals

No-Risk Guarantee: Oranum is not the most intuitive website around. You can get many answers to your questions under the top tab, labeled “More”…once you realize it’s there. Oranum guarantees you can get what you want from the comfort of your home or office, or your money back.

Pricing packages: Like most other psychic networks, Oranum offer special promotions at any given time. Their promotions are listed in the catch-all “More” tab. At the time of this review, Oranum offered 10 credits for a positive user review under Apple or Android apps.

Special introductory offers: There are no special discounts or free minutes for a new customer for the simple reason that there doesn’t have to be. Unlike most of its competitors, Oranum offers a free chat with the psychic of your choice. That’s an “offer” that’s hard to beat!

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