BitWine Online Psychic Network Review

With over 3,000 qualified Psychics and Tarot readers from around the world, BitWine has become a top destination for all seeking guidance on love, life, and relationships since its founding in 2006. Ranging from coaching to readings, BitWine provides a confidential online chat that pairs you with a professional for a strictly one-on-one experience. Utilizing Skype and PayPal, its network is secure and simple to use with only the need of a login to proceed.

One of BitWine’s more intriguing features is the Psychic Happy Hour. First premiered in October and held daily from 10-11PM EST, the per-minute rate of all advisors is 50% less than the usual rate. It has been observed that client engagements spikes over three quarters of what it normally is during this time. The value is clear in that it offers newer members a chance to try out the service and various advisors without spending a fortune. By allowing such a convenient way to meet different Psychics, advisors, and visitors, it is a unique way to experience what you may or may not be too sure about.

On top of this discount, BitWine offers free tarot readings for winners that are chosen each week from posters in the forum. Whether it be about personal matters or a general guidance for the future, the winner is paired with a Psychic for their full reading. The only requirement to win is to make a post beginning with “I need a free tarot reading because…” or ending with “…and this is why I need a free tarot reading.” A great deal in and of itself, this offers a chance for a free reading for those that would not otherwise be able to get one for one reason or another.

Their store is above and beyond, fueled by a partnership with Original Products – a company 50 years in the making. The partnership provides BitWine with a selection of over 10,000 items including candles, talismans, crystals, and essential oils. This diversity takes into account the varied beliefs and traditions of all visitors and members of the website’s community. An added bonus is the discount received on products because of the partnership as well as saving time for the client looking for what they need. With such a large collection, the clients of BitWine never have to search hard to find their desire.

When you sign up, you are able to meet with your chosen Psychic face to face, allowing for an incredibly intimate reading. The Psychics are rated by clients and also through credentials, experience, and reviews – all searchable fields. Once the right one is found, simply click a button and engage in a free voice or video chat to determine if your choice is what you hoped. Only after those two screening processes can you progress with arranging a meeting. If the Psychic happens to be away, then can be messaged and will get back with you later.

One of the best parts of BitWine, however, is the broad selection of categories that are offered as reading mediums. Astrology, Love Guidance, Meditations, New Age, Parapsychology, Psychic Mediums, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritualism, Tarot, and the Occult all make up the categories of mediums that can be chosen from. If that happens to not be thorough enough, the forums cover the rest. When everything seems too confusing and overwhelming, the “Ask a Psychic!” forum will point you in the right direction. There, both clients and advisors work with your question to make sure you receive the most beneficial reading for your issue.

From a strict per minute charge to special offers for shortened services, BitWine offers one of the best selections of qualified Psychics on the internet. With no pressure to accept and an enormous, helpful community, it would be hard to enter into this realm and not find what you are looking for. The free tarot reading and Psychic Happy Hour work to introduce newcomers and give them a taste of what is a wonderful experience. All things considered, it is understandable why this is one of the fastest growing Psychic communities today.

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