What Is A Tarot Card Psychic Reading?

Tarot card psychic reading is a belief that divine occult cards have mystic properties and can be read to gain information about an individual's past, current situation and future events.

A tarot card psychic reading uses a collective record that includes mystic information that is divined through the use of occult cards and methods of understanding this information.

Tarot cards were first used during the 18th century by prominent Protestant clerics and by the free masons during this time in history.

Forward Into The Mysteries

Modern occult tarot methods began at the same time as the card reading techniques started. Articles were published during the 18th century that presented this century's type of information technology about mystic revelations.

There are additional origins for this card divination that began with Egyptian mystics, kabbalah mysticism and deep divine revelation. Mystic interpretations or 18th century religious interventions were common practice during this period of time.

Everyday events were explained by divine intervention strategies and towns people often came to their religious leaders in order to solve community problems. Mysticism was used during this time period as certain precursors to community legal intervention as well.

Mystical Interpretations of Truth

There are certain basic principles that are a part of every event interpretation. One of these basic principles indicates that a standard truth exists that can be intervened or read. Tarot card psychic readings are used to interpret information and events with this method.

Mass readings of events were frequent during the first interpretations and a general wisdom for daily living was supported. A book of eternal medicine was a part of a standard wisdom and this type of information source included healing remedies for the community citizens.

The creation of the world is a part of a basic occult belief and the tarot cards are used as modern day keys for mystical information.

Tarot Card Interpretations Using Specific Combinations

Secret societies have been significant methods of keeping the tarot mysticism in its original format. The societies have declined and then been rejuvenated during several centuries. Tarot card readings are used with the study of kabbalah principles.

Kabbalah methods may include the following strategies for understanding human existence:

  • Kabbalah interpretations came from a Jewish origin that eventually changed over several centuries.
  • The basic principles of tarot card reading was first begun in the Jewish religions and Christian religions.
  • The religious practitioners of the 18th century and later centuries began a development of certain esoteric teachings that eventually incorporated new age beliefs and occultist practices.
  • Jewish kabbalah is the foundation of tarot mysticism and this set of esoteric teachings helped to explain the relationship between the origins of existence and certain universal strategies for existence.
  • Mystical religious interpretations are a basic foundation that help to present certain every day interactions for daily occurences.
  • Methods of daily interaction are explained with the aid of understanding certain mystic religious concepts.
  • A spiritual realisation is the mystic goal for those who practice Jewish kabbalah, new age or mystic occultist practices.

Interpretations Using Mystic Occultist Methods

An underlying philosophy is used as a framework for magical societies who practice mystic or psychic occultist methods. These mystical religious societies have included several well known groups throughout the ages. Rosicrucianism is based on these teachings as well as free masonry principles.

Astrology uses mystic occultist methods and wiccan and new age principles are based on this same underlying philosophy. Tarot cards are often read in order to understand every day events that can not be otherwise explained.

There are several methods of reading tarot cards that help to present every day information in a mystic format and these tarot card reading methods are the following:

Tarot cards can be interpreted by allowing different meanings for certain cards depending on whether the cards appear upright or reversed. Reversed cards is a method of explaining what the tarot cards are saying. A reversed card is often meant as the opposite of its upright meaning.

The sun can be associated with satisfaction and health and its reverse can mean a lack of confidence and mild unhappiness. Reversed cards can mean a more intense event concerning the upright card, for example. Card reversals can be dependent on the order of the cards.

Spreads are used to interpret the events for a seeker. A tarot reading can start with the card deck being shuffled and a card spread generally includes the seeker's thoughts and desires, the seeker's past and present and the seeker's future events.

Each position of each card has a number and cards are turned over in a certain sequence. Each tarot card is interpreted in this sequential manner. A card position is important and an initial card is significant and can be named the significator.

Order of the trumps is used to compare the cards against each other. Certain cards have varying properties that are used to explain certain events for a seeker.

There are historical names and mystic meanings behind all of the cards in a tarot deck that need to be understood before interpreting a seeker's card selections or certain card orders. Cards can have their own properties that include the properties of action, realisation, occult inspiration, ordeal, victory, equilibrium, wisdom and fortune, for example.

Decks of Tarot Cards

There are several types of tarot card decks that can be used to interpret a seeker's life questions. Historical decks of cards have originated in Egyptian and Greco Roman mysticism.

Studies have been conducted that use left hand path orders, for example. Each group of cards has certain variations concerning the finite universe and the purpose of existence.

The various ontological questions can be presented using a particular tarot card deck. Answers for mystical religious questions can be successfully found. Answers can explain the following:

  • The nature of the universe and the human dilemma can be understood through tarot card reading, for example.
  • The nature and purpose of existence can be interpreted by using a foundation record or book of life.
  • Spiritual realisation or personal well being is often sought through tarot card psychic readings.


Tarot card psychic reading can be used to inquire about standard mystical information. Tarot cards are methods to aid in the understanding of these concepts.

Several esoteric traditions have used card reading in order to gain a deeper interpretation of an every day event. Spiritual realisation is the philosophy behind this type of esoteric and mystical quest for a higher order.