What Is A Psychic Reading?

Do you wonder what the future holds for you? Are you having trouble figuring out what decision to make about your career? Or maybe you don't know whether to wait it out or call things off with that new man in your life?

Psychic readings may be able to help with these and many other questions. Psychic readings take advantage of extra sensory perception, or ESP, to glean information about a particular person or set of circumstances. That means that the person offering the reading uses senses beyond the five basic senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to understand information. Those who have this ability may call themselves psychics, or they may use another term, such as medium, clairvoyant, mystic, seer, shaman, oracle, fortune teller, gypsy, or witch.

A psychic reading could answer questions about any stage in time, such as filling in a piece of information about the past, helping to guide you in the present, or revealing something important about the future.

Psychic readings typically take place in person, over the phone, through a webcam or even through e-mail! A physical face-to-face connection is not essential since the psychic is using senses that go beyond the everyday to glean information. Psychics understand that all people and things are connected through energy, and they “read” that energy to gain insights.

There are many kinds of psychic readings, and the kind that a particular psychic or medium gives depends on his or her area of expertise. Some psychics may combine multiple readings in one, such as a tarot reading with an aura reading, to get a more complete understanding of the issues facing a person.

Here's a breakdown of the types of psychic readings that are available:

Tarot Reading – The tarot reading is perhaps the most popular reading and the one people most often think of when they think of psychic readings. Tarot decks feature characters that each have special significance. When these cards appear in a certain order, they can provide important clues about a person's circumstances.

Psychics must know how to interpret the tarot cards based on where they appear in the layout. Cards can have different meanings based on where they are in conjunction with other cards.

Astrology Reading – The hour, day, month and year of your birth can have a significant impact on your fortunes through life based on the alignment of the sun, moon, planets and stars in that moment. Though astrology readings do not require psychic ability, they are often used in traditional psychic readings along with other types of readings to provide a more nuanced understanding of a client's issues.

Palm Reading – The lines on your palm do more than influence your identifying prints. They can reveal important information about your life and your future. Palm readings analyze the lines on the palm, as well as the shape and curvature.

Crystal Ball Reading – A gypsy looking into a crystal ball is a common stereotype for fortune telling. Though some psychics may actually gaze into a crystal ball, most actually use a set of gem stones that they toss onto the table like dice or submerge in water. The reading is based on their appearance and location to each other. The practice is also called lithomancy.

Psychometry – Movies and television shows have popularized the psychic reading known as psychometry, in which a psychic lays hands on personal items to glean information about the person. The popularized version of this is the medium using the objects of missing or dead people to find out information about their whereabouts or their attackers. For most people, psychometry can be used to give them answers about pressing questions in their lives.

Aura Reading – Auras became popular in 1960's new wave trends. An aura is the field of energy surrounding a person, and psychics can learn information about a person's state of mind or future events based on reading an aura. Aura readings are usually conducted in person.

Numerology Reading – Numerology studies the significance of numbers associated with a person, such as the numbers attached to the letters in their name or the numbers in their birth date. Each number has symbolic meaning, and analyzing a series of numbers can help to reveal information about a person.

Rune Reading – Rune stones are small, flat stones that feature symbolic carvings. Runes are scattered onto a mat, and a reading is conducted based on which symbols appear and in what order. Runes are typically used to glean information about a specific question, though they can provide overall information about the future.

Cleromancy – Many other objects can be read like runes or gemstones. With cleromancy, a collection of small items are shaken together then spread out like dice to get a reading based on how the items fall next to each other. Common examples include coins, actual dice, rocks, bones and small personal items.

Each psychic reading received will be different, based on your particular needs and the type of psychic performing the reading. Experienced psychics will combine several of these techniques during a reading to give you the best psychic reading possible, such as doing a tarot reading followed by an aura reading. Remember, the technique used for the reading is not quite as important as the outcome.

Tips For A Better Psychic Reading

The American Association of Professional Psychics says that a “good reading” will combine accurate insights with practical advice. At the same time, the reading should make the person feel hopeful or inspired and should encourage self-reflection. Rather than delivering a verdict about the future, it should provide guidance while also respecting the person's free will and ability to change.

When you choose a psychic reading, it is important to have a specific question or goal in mind rather than just trying to find out general information. This can help the psychic focus the session and produce more useful insights.

Psychic readings are not meant to be blueprints for your life. They are meant to help you better understand your circumstances and to make better informed decisions that can have a positive and meaningful impact on your life. The information is just there to guide, but you make the ultimate choice about what to do and where to go.