What Is A Pet Psychic? Are They Real?

Did you ever wonder what your dog or cat was thinking? Many people are turning to pet psychics to help with their furry friends.

Whether an animal is acting out of character or they simply just are feeling blue, a pet psychic may be the answer to understanding what your pet needs. This is a rather new area in the supernatural realm that is gaining in popularity.

While mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, and fortune tellers have been widely publicized, it is just now becoming common to hear about pet psychics.

Pets Speak Their Own Language

We know that pets have the ability to communicate. The Bible portrays animals talking in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man. They have methods they use to speak that are not our methods, and we cannot understand them fully.

A pet psychic can hear what the animals are saying, and they can feel their emotions. Oprah Winfrey was one of the first celebrities to utilize this groundbreaking communication method. She had a world- renowned pet psychic on her stage.

Though the world wasn’t quite ready for it at that time, since that airing, things have become quite different. Today, we see people who can take on the role of a pet whisperer or those that can communicate directly with the animals.

What is A Pet Psychic?

A pet psychic communicates with animals using inner gifts that the average person doesn’t have. They are often called an animal intuitive. They use telepathic communication to comprehend what a cat or dog is thinking and feeling.

While most pet psychics deal with larger animals, they can also read birds, hamsters or even gerbils. These individuals can see through the animals’ eyes and pick up on their emotions.

When seeking out the help of someone with this supernatural gift, many want to find out the reason for their animal’s bizarre behavior. Some find that the problem is psychologically based.

This is often the case when a pet suffers from separation anxiety. Or, an animal can be having an issue like constipation. Medical conditions can cause an animal to act inexplicable.

There are 100 things that can make an animal act out, and the pet psychic is able to help the parents figure out how to address the issue.

Common Reasons Why A Pet Psychic Is Needed

If everything is going good, there is no need for a pet psychic. It’s when things are going bad that most people look for help. If your child was acting out, you would take them to the doctor’s office. The vet can provide some details to a dog’s behavior, but a pet psychic goes beyond the physical realm to get in touch with the animals’ emotions.

Believe it or not, aggression and inappropriate elimination can also be signs that something is physically upsetting your pet. Having someone that can communicate and act as a mediator between you and the animal can be very beneficial. Pet psychics work a lot with animals that have been through trauma.

Just like a child who has been abused or neglected, an animal can act out from fear or emotional traumas. Those who deal with rescued animals have found that a pet psychic is a great asset to their staff.

Many people use these psychics if they have animals that are not getting along. If there is a dog and cat war within the home, a psychic may be the one that can help bring peace.

When people adopt dogs from a pound, they often have a past that is not good. A good pet psychic can help the pet owners to understand the emotional traumas, and they can expose what needs to be worked on.

If a pet experiences the loss of an owner or a fellow pet friend, then they can experience and grieve the same way a human does. A psychic that is in tune with the animals can even tell you what their dreams are about.

Pets That Have Passed On

One area that a pet psychic can be widely valuable in is dealing with grieving pet parents whose animals has passed on. They should be able to tell you all about that pet without you saying one word. They can be effective in communicating with the animal that has passed and helped the owners to honor them and heal from the grief and loss.

Not just those who have passed on, but some psychics can help locate a lost pet too. This area of specialty is called lost pet psychics, while extremely hard to find, their services can be valuable. Having an item that belonged to them helps these psychics to channel their energy.

Domesticated pets are not the only ones that can benefit from a pet psychic. Wild animals can also make psychic connections with people if the psychic is skilled enough. Keep in mind, a psychic is not needed to figure out that a raccoon is digging in the trash because they are hungry.

It could be there because it is having relationship issues with one of your pets. Just about any relationship issue in the human world can also happen in the pet world. The only problem is very few have the tools to effectively communicate and help solve these issues.

Are Pet Psychics Real?

It may be hard for some people to fathom that someone can communicate on another level with the animals. Some believe it is a total farce. Again, it is a rather new area of the psychic world that people are just beginning to embrace.

Yes, there are pet psychics that exist, and they are very good at what they do. The key is a person cannot be just a psychic, rather, they must have a special gift that allows them to see through the animal’s eyes and feel their emotions.

Thanks to a pet psychic, a family in Bellflower, California, found their beloved tabby cat. The cat was missing for more than 20 days. This is just one story of the amazing power of the supernatural.

Pet psychics are becoming another branch of supernatural powers that people are embracing.

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