My Favorite Movies Characters With Psychic Abilities

My Favorite Movies Characters With Psychic Abilities

As a psychic who can communicate with the spirit realm, I seldom find myself short on entertainment and mental engagement. That being said, I’ve been a bit of a cinephile for as long as I can remember. I simply enjoy film and probably watch over ten movies in a week’s time. Since I have a unique ability, I have a tendency to love watching movies about psychics. Sometimes these movies can be farfetched, but I love them anyway, so let’s take a look at some of my favorite movies about psychics.

Tangina Barrons (Poltergeist)

Portrayed by little people activist Zelda Rubenstein, Tangina Barrons was a powerful psychic that was both enigmatic and warm. Like myself, Tangina had the ability to communicate and understand spirits, which helped her provide some guidance to the Freeling family when their home was invaded by a nefarious spiritual presence.

She also helped the Freelings learn that there was a series of lingering presences in their home that were on a different “sphere of consciousness” and who were merely trying to find a way to the next level. If you enjoy a good scare and want to see a relatively tasteful portrayal of an onscreen psychic, then the original Poltergeist is a great choice.

Carrie (Carrie)

This is one story that many people, even non-cinephiles, are aware of. Young Carrie White, who was played by Sissy Spacek lived a tormented life. Fresh into young adulthood, Carrie was abused and deceived by almost everyone in her young life, including her mother and her fellow students.

With so much daily torment, young Carrie’s latent telekinesis is awakened during a crucial point in the film. What occurs next is tragic and painful but definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen this movie yet.

Professor X (The X-Men Films)

This one features a character that also has appeared in comic books for more than 50 years. Professor Charles Xavier, who was portrayed by both James McAvoy and Sir Patrick Stewart in the X-Men movies, is a powerful telepath. Confined to a wheelchair, Professor X is nonetheless able to control minds, read the deepest thoughts, and freeze minds (and their resulting bodies) when the need arises.

In the films, Charles is portrayed as a thoughtful individual who wouldn’t abuse his powerful gift and only wants to help others. Additionally, the good professor also uses a telepathy-enhancing machine called Cerebro to search the world for mutants like himself so that he and his team can help them.

Nick Marshall (What Women Want)

While this movie is more of a rom-com, What Women Want has a unique premise: its lead can literally read the thoughts of females. Mel Gibson’s character, Nick Marshall, is a bit of a chauvinist, but when he gains his psychic ability, he learns what it is to be female in today’s society.

Having the ability to read others, not just the minds of women, can provide a lot of insight, which is part of the reason that I love this flick. In the movie, Nick is able to help the women in his life, which is the goal of many natural psychics.

George Malley (Phenomenon)

Phenomenon is another film that tells a romantic story but also uses a psychic character as its main protagonist. In this case, it’s George Malley, who is portrayed by John Travolta and suddenly gains psychic powers through unknown means. Not only is George gifted with the ability of psychokinesis, he also gains extremely heightened levels of intellect as well.

While the effects of gaining such powerful abilities on George’s small town life are pretty catastrophic, the movie is a great story that shows how the main character achieves a degree of unity of spirit and purpose through his newfound abilities.

Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)

The freshman film by M. Night Shyamalan, the film The Sixth Sense tells the story of a young boy that is literally haunted by his ability to perceive the recent dead. Played morosely by young Haley Joel Osment, Cole Sear has a lot of difficulty in dealing with his supernatural vision.

Known as the movie that alerted audiences to M. Night’s tendency to shock viewers, The Sixth Sense also is a great film that shows how being a spiritual medium at a young age can actually be traumatic. While this wasn’t my experience, it provides a great perspective.