What Exactly Is A Clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is a psychic person who can obtain information regarding people, places, things and events at any point in time.

The information may come through any of the five normal senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste or smell, or appear to the psychic in the “mind's eye” or in the form of an hallucination.

The information will be clear, and the clairvoyant will be able to present it in detail.

The Clairvoyant Experience

While many clairvoyants see events at a distance, they may experience their gift in other ways. Some may have various physical sensations that alert them to incoming information while others find themselves in a different location long enough to observe what is or has happened.

Clairvoyance may also manifest as sounds, colors or tingling in the fingers.

How Clairvoyance Works

In many cases, a clairvoyant will receive information from deceased persons or other entities. On occasion, a message may come through in the form of a particular odor that will provide context about a past, current or future event.

It is possible for a clairvoyant to simply “know” about something without any prior knowledge through reading or hearing about it beforehand.

Clairvoyance is Not Telepathy

While many clairvoyants can get information about future events, they are not mind readers or telepaths. Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts and ideas between minds without speaking. In addition, not all clairvoyants are able to speak to ghosts and spirits.

Some psychic people are both clairvoyants and telepaths, but the abilities are not one and the same.

Clairvoyance is Not Fortune Telling

A clairvoyant person may be able to pass on information regarding a future event, but that is not fortune telling as the information is being provided from another entity. It should also be noted that not all clairvoyants are mediums but are still considered to be psychic.

Other Related Abilities

Clairvoyance is part of a family of related psychic abilities. Clairsentience is the ability to feel what another person is feeling. It often manifests as heat or tingling in the chest and may spread down the arms to the hands. Clairaudience is hearing sounds from sources that are not present.

Claircognizance is simply just knowing or being certain about something without any rational reason. Clairalience is a lesser-known ability that allows a person to gain insight through the sense of smell. Similarly, clairgustance is the ability to taste without placing anything in the mouth.

How to Prepare for a Clairvoyant Reading

As with any psychic reading, it is crucial to find the right person with the correct abilities for the most productive outcome. Before the session, it can be helpful for the querent to meditate or perform yoga for emotional centering and the setting of intention.

The querent should also keep expectations realistic and accept that the information and answers they seek may not come to pass. The most important thing about having a reading is being open to what does come through because those in spirit feel that particular information is the most helpful in the moment.

A Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyants may also be mediums or psychics, which means they are able to communicate with spirits and pass on messages to living family and friends.

These messages can help the living gain clarity, process difficult emotions or make decisions. To prove real ability, a clairvoyant should present information about a querent's past or present to build a foundation of trust.

A detailed description of how a relative died, what a missing pet looked like or a specific surgical procedure are usually sufficient proof of clairvoyance. As with any other psychic reading, the querent should be comfortable with the situation and to feel free to stop it at any time.

After the Clairvoyant Reading

The days that follow a clairvoyant reading can provide as much insight as the event itself. It is vital for the querent to sit and think about the messages that were passed on during the session and how the information can be applied to the current life situation or as a resolution to a past issue.

A clairvoyant should be available for follow-up questions in the time after the reading to clarify what the querent may be thinking and feeling.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, a clairvoyant person has the ability to see, sense or perceive through time and space. Clairvoyance itself is a form of extrasensory perception that allows for the passage of information from a distant place, person or event through spirit to comfort or guide a querent.

As with any other psychic ability, clairvoyance may not always bring the desired answer, but it will provide the message that is most needed by the querent at that particular time.

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