Can You Get Psychic Impressions from Yard Sale Items?

Can You Get Psychic Impressions from Yard Sale Items

As the weather gets warmer, we’re all bound to see an increase in one suburban mainstay: the yard sale. Yard sales are an opportunity to find some really neat stuff; in fact, these buying opportunities have become quite popular with antique-seekers and thrifty individuals. The materials that you can find at one of these events can vary from used instruments, like guitars, to baby clothes for a newborn.

As a person who believes in the supernatural, you’ll probably notice that these events are also prime locations for spiritual residue. The items that we own all have our psychic imprint in their structures, this residue is how psychometrists, like myself, are able to read the history of the items that they touch. When there is a particularly negative energy associated with an item, some intense and freaky effects can occur, which some refer to as a haunting.

In my experience, you can genuinely find some items at yard sales that emit some strong psychic energy. While I wouldn’t strictly call these haunted items, I’ve picked up things that would seem innocuous like an angel statue from a yard sale and felt the waves of energy radiating from it. An object like this can outright disrupt your life. These types of items can lead to depression in your home, cause a streak of bad luck, or even move on its own when you’re not observing it. While there are spiritualists that can expunge the negative energy from a yard sale item, it’s better to avoid these situations altogether.

So what’s the best way to determine if an object from a yard sale is loaded with psychic residue? Let’s take a look at some tried and true techniques:

1) Take a deep breath and bring yourself into a meditative state – While I know that you’re at a yard sale and you won’t want to sit in the lotus position or seiza, but you can meditate on an item by just focusing on it. Just do your best to relax and concentrate deeply.

2) Come into physical contact with the item in question – Close your eyes and put your hands on the item. If you can pick it up and hold it, do so, but if it’s a larger item, simply place your hands on it. It’s important to really get a feel for the item as much as you can. Really focus on any impressions at all that you get from the item. As a psychometrist, I can feel a plethora of sensations from just about any object, but in my experience, just about anyone can feel some slight psychic residue.

3) Take stock of one of your own items – I tend to use a miniaturized Gamecube that I have on my keychain. While this object undoubtedly has some of my own psychic residues, it’s not packed with negative energy, which makes it a good reference item.

4) Compare the experiences – Once you’ve felt both objects, you should easily be able to tell the difference between the two residues. Does the yard sale item feel particularly negative or powerful? Did it feel somewhat odd? Negative energy can sometimes hide, but if something feels a bit “off” that’s usually a good sign that you should avoid it. If you just feel an “electric” type of sensation from the yard sale item, this isn’t always bad, it might just mean that this item was dear to someone; in any case, I always say to trust your gut.

5) Make your decision – If something doesn’t feel right about the yard sale item, I’d say that’s a good sign to put it aside. Negative energy tends to adhere to the most innocuous objects and you really don’t want to bring in something like that into your life. On the other hand, if it feels good, then grab it up – especially if the price is right!

It’s funny, even though I have psychic abilities and have been able to read the psychic energy of items, I often love to go to yard sales and really check out the items that are up for purchase. If you’re like me and love a good yard sale, use these techniques to find an object that will fit your needs and won’t bring any excessive or negative psychic energy into your life.