What is an Angel Card Reading?

Have you ever wondered what your guardian angel wants to tell you?

Angel cards are designed to harness the angelic energy that surrounds you and gently guide you in matters of love, healing, finance, family, and more.

The number of cards and types of readings may vary, but they are all designed to be inspirational through their illustrations and symbols.

The greatest challenge in learning to read angel cards or having an angel card reading may be finding the particular deck that speaks to you.

The Origin of Angel Cards

Angel cards are a type of oracle cards specifically intended to appeal to the compassion and insight of angels. Oracle cards are slightly more modern than tarot cards and rose to popularity in nineteenth-century France.

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, a skilled cartomancer who told fortunes for Napoleon's wife, Josephine de Beauharnais, pioneered their use and had a type of deck named after her.

With the growth of the New Age movement in the 20th century, oracle cards were divided into many different categories and themes, depending on the nature of the spiritual guidance you seek. Often times, the cards are printed with affirmations or wisdom.

The Angel Card Deck

There are such a wide variety of angel card decks, it's almost impossible to characterize what a typical deck looks like. They usually have at least 36 cards, though some have as many as a hundred. The cards might contain messages or simple images of a multitude of different angels and archangels.

Some of the most popular figures include Gabriel, an angel associated with the moon and communication, Michael, a warrior angel of truth, and Raphael, a healing angel.

Your deck may reference these angels and more directly, or it may stick to anonymous angels that represent certain areas of life that can be focused on and analyzed.

Many people struggle with the overwhelming options for choosing a deck of angel cards, but oracle cards are generally less structured and more dependent on the individual. Choosing the deck with a design that inspires you will help you get the most out of your readings.

Most physical shops will allow you to browse the deck before you purchase because they understand the importance of making that connection.

Types of Angel Card Readings

The purpose of an angel card reading is usually linked to the number of cards used to do the reading. A single card may be drawn to give you general guidance for the day. Two cards may be drawn to answer a specific question, with the first representing the main, substantial response, and the second card representing additional insight.

The three-card reading is very popular with angel cards. This can represent either your mind, body, and spirit or your past, present, and future. Using four cards for a reading shows the question or challenge, the message of the angels, a spiritual opportunity for growth, and how to apply this reading to your life.

The most complex reading involves six cards, and they are displayed to show the positive and negative influences surrounding a particular area of your life. Typical themes of the cards include Balance, Change, Release, Tenderness, and Attention, though the exact names and ideas presented will depend on the deck.

Tips for Mastering Angel Card Readings

For those without access to a skilled psychic in their area, or for those who simply wish to master the art of angel card readings themselves, there is a plethora of helpful advice to make your readings as powerful and comforting as possible. Professional cartomancers make sure to cleanse the energy of their angel cards by calling on a white light and sometimes reciting an invocation, asking the angels to help them tune in to their divine love and wisdom. Once you have declared your good intentions for the reading, you can hold a specific question in your mind, whether it is your own or someone else's.

Most angel card readers say that the biggest mistake you can make in a reading, especially when reading your own angel cards, is to inject heightened emotion into it. If you are biased or searching for a particular answer, you cannot discover what the angels truly intend to tell you.

Practicing inner peace and learning to see your situation from a distance is essential. Lighting a candle or burning incense while you perform a reading may help with this.

Why Choose an Angel Card Reading?

While tarot is an ancient and respected art, many people find tarot readings grim and intimidating. The foreboding images involved can sometimes be too much for an individual in search of positive daily guidance. Angel cards are, by nature, positive.

The spirit guides and guardian angels that surround you love and protect humanity, and their energy is meant to motivate you, not necessarily issue warnings.

If you are a spiritual person who feels highly connected to the universe, an angel card reading can provide exactly the sort of message you are searching for.

Angel card readings are a special way to gain insight into a variety of different areas of your life. Both novice and professional cartomancers have embraced the myriad of ways to call upon the powers of your guardian angels.

Like all oracle cards, angel cards provide a unique path to further understand the mysteries of the universe.

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