The 6 Biggest Myths About Psychics

Myths About Psychics

There are too many misconceptions about psychics. These false ideas stem many times from assumptions and pop culture. It is important to understand psychics so that they are given a chance to influence a client's life for the better. It is a matter of using common sense and putting aside any negative judgments. Here are six of the biggest myths about psychics.

Myth 1: Psychics are fake

Psychics are not fake. While some will attempt to take advantage of someone, the majority are real. They do not take guesses but instead make predictions. The predictions are not guaranteed either but are meant to be a guide to a better future for the client. Many become disappointed because they do not hear what they want to hear and sometimes take it out on someone else. In other words, a psychic reading is not always positive.

Myth 2: Psychics can cast spells

There is no scientific proof that a psychic has the ability to cast a spell. If someone cast a spell on someone else should they really be believed? There needs to be proof that the spell actually worked in order for this to have any basis in reality and anyways it could be a coincidence even if there were results.

Myth 3: Psychics can predict the future

Psychics cannot predict the future. The future is not definite. A person has a choice to take whichever path they desire. Destiny cannot be blamed for everything. A person's decisions do matter though and can lead to a deeply fulfilling life or the opposite may happen which may lead to intense dissatisfaction and unhappiness. If the psychic is a good one, he/she will lay a detailed map out for the client to follow so that they have a clear choice on exactly where they want to go.

Myth 4: Psychics are mind readers

Psychics cannot read minds. What they know depends on how strong their connection is to that particular client. They also generally have a question and answer session. Further, it is about the type of energy the psychic is able to sense that helps read the person. There are some details a psychic knows without asking questions and it may seem scary. Some psychics claim to be able to read minds which may be true although this is not usually the case.

Myth 5: Psychics can move inanimate objects

Psychics cannot move inanimate objects. The belief in the 1800's was that psychics could move inanimate objects or dead bodies without any known external force. In the 1600's 20 people were accused of being witches and executed in the Salem With trials. This was later found to be a mistake and the victims' families were compensated for their losses. Be careful because things and consequently people are not always what they appear. Magicians are known to use tricks to fool the human eye by levitating bodies and pulling rabbits out of magic hats. In reality they are entertainers who have mastered their craft. It is the same with psychics. They are made into a magical entity. The fact of the matter is that they possess an ability, an extra sense, that most people don't tune into but this does not allow them to move inanimate objects.

Myth 6: Psychics are evil

No, psychics are definitely not evil. They do not have scary powers over anyone and cannot harm a person using them. They are normal human beings just like everybody else. To judge them in this way is like saying they are witches or aliens. This way of thinking is ignorant and people are easily frightened by their imaginations. Psychics have senses which are not one of the well known five senses. It is believed that anybody can tap into their own psychic senses.

The truth is that people need to be educated on the authentic essence of a psychic. Misjudgment occurs often in society. Sad but true, but it all stems from ignorance and there is definitely nothing to fear. Having an open mind may open up new possibilities. Without the senses of the psychic these exciting life paths may never be discovered and pursued by the client.