Haunted Places Worth Visiting in South Africa

Haunted Places Worth Visiting in South Africa

I have always been able to feel the presence of spirits from the other side, so when I travel, I like to check out the area to see if there are any interesting places that have manifestations. During my recent trip to South Africa, I was surprised that there were so many haunted locations to visit. Here are a few that are worth visiting if you ever go to South Africa.

1. Tokai Manor

During a New Year’s Eve party in the early 1800s, the owner of this home made a bet with his son that involved riding a horse up the stairs and into the dining room. On the way back down the front stairs, the horse and the rider fell down the stairs to their death. If you visit the manor, you can hear the galloping of the horse and on New Year’s Eve, you can even see another attempt at the wager taking place.

2. Castle of Good Hope

Years of violence and slavery have left this castle restless. Visitors have witnessed a black dog that runs towards them ready to attack but vanishes just before. The bell tower rings on occasion and footsteps can often be heard around the castle. Even Lady Anne Barnard, the former First Lady, shows her face from time to time.

3. Kempton Park Hospital

The hospital was abandoned in the 1990s, but the abandoned facility looks like the staff left suddenly. Regardless of the reason that it closed, visitors have reported hearing doors opening on their own, babies crying, and a man walking up and down the halls as though he is looking for something.

4. Lord Milner Hotel

The hotel is a haunted remnant of the town of Matjiesfontein; in fact, the founder of the town can be seen wandering the halls. British soldiers are said to haunt the stairs, and the rooms of the hotel are often filled with laughter when no one is present.

5. The Uniondale Hitchhiker

On April 12, 1968, there was an unfortunate accident right outside of Uniondale that resulted in a young girl’s death. To this day, the same lady can be spotted along the road at that same spot. She is looking for a ride to give her family the news of her engagement, but if you pick her up, she will mysteriously vanish from the back seat of your car.

6. The Flying Dutchman

During a terrible storm in 1641, The Flying Dutchman sank off of the coast of the Cape of Good Hope. The ship still sails the seas to this day, and it can be seen during stormy weather right off of the coast. It is said that anyone who lays eyes on the ship while at sea will die a horrible death.

7. Rust-en-Vreugd

This building is a museum in Cape Town that was built as a home in the year 1777. Those visiting this museum have heard footsteps above their heads, seen a middle aged woman floating down the stairs, and another one looking out the upstairs window.

8. Rudd House

The Rudd House is known for its paranormal activities. The family reported hearing babies cry and clanging silverware from the kitchen, and after they moved, a fellow clairvoyant studied the home. There is even an account that tells of three individuals getting their photos taken. When the photos were developed, only two of them were in the picture. Glowing orbs have also been witnessed in the home.

9. Jim Fouché High School

In 1961, a young girl who attended this school disappeared. About six years later, her remains were found under the new addition to the school, which was a swimming pool. Ever since, the lights have flickered occasionally, the doors open and close on their own, and sometimes you can even hear the girl singing in the halls.

10. Nottingham Road Hotel

This hotel is the location where a heartbroken woman leaped from the balcony to her death. She was mourning the death of her fallen love, and her grief kept her wandering the halls for years. She is often seen rearranging objects in your room, but sometimes faint cries can be heard from the halls.

If you are traveling to South Africa, make sure you check out some of these haunted locations. You won’t regret it!