5 Common Misconceptions About Psychics

Misconceptions About Psychics

As with just about any other profession, there are certain misconceptions about psychics. These can be unfair to specific psychics or to all psychics in general. It's precisely these cliches or stereotypes that ensure that misconceptions continue to arise in general as well as for psychics the world order. This article is meant as a way to break down some of these misconceptions and show just why they are false.

1) Psychics are just cold readers

Many skeptics of psychics will insist that psychics are nothing more than cold readers, that they use tricks and techniques in order to get information out of a client that they can then use to falsely provide additional information as well as feeding the information that the client gave them right back to the client.

There are some scammers that do in fact do this, but the scrupulous ones do not. They receive their information through legitimate psychic sources, such as through the Tarot or other various types of ways. Psychics are even sometimes surprised at what kinds of information that they receive.

2) Psychics are on 24/7

Some people mistakenly think that psychics are always on and that there's no way for them to stem the flow of information that they receive. Not only is this false but it's a ridiculous thing to suppose, considering the psychic would go crazy receiving those visions and hearing those voices all the time.

Rather, being psychic is more like something you tune into at will. You can quiet the voices or even stop them entirely if you're susceptible to psychic information. This way, the flow of information that the psychic receives is manageable and convenient.

3) Psychics literally read minds

People will oftentimes challenge a psychic to come up with certain information about them, such as their birthday or other information. However, unlike some public misconceptions, psychics do not actually read minds.

What they do is more like attuning into your feelings and energy. They can then use these feelings and energy to tell you what you're feeling and why. This is essentially what psychics always do when tuning into you.

4) Psychics predict the future

Being psychic isn't about seeing the future per se. Rather, it's about seeing trends and then interpreting them to see how things can come to pass. Everyone has free will, so things in the future are always subject to change.

The best a psychic can do is to lay out the path of what might potentially happen to you in the future. They can't tell you everything that's going to happen or what might befall you in some sort of negative way. Just like psychics aren't mind readers, they're not future readers either. They simply do their best to alert you to things that might happen to you based on your particular reading.

5) Psychics remove curses

The simple answer here is that they don't. Psychics who are scammers will tell you things like you're cursed, only to offer to remove the curse for a fee. If you hear this from a psychic, know that you are dealing with an unscrupulous individual.

The only person who determines if you are cursed is you. You have the ultimate option of cursing yourself or uncursing yourself. There are cases of demonic or negative possession, but these are very rare. Rather, chances are you aren't cursed at all. It's very easy to assume these things, but a curse is something that people put onto themselves.

It's common and somewhat logical to assume that curses are put onto you by some unseen force, but it's rather an aspect of projection. The power of belief is very potent, and it in a lot of ways determines our lot in life. Something that seems negative rather becomes something empowering–you are the keeper of your own destiny in the end.

There are misconception, cliches, and stereotypes for any career, but those that exist for psychics are especially vitriolic and hyperbolic. People act like psychics are subject to some otherworldly occurrence, but this isn't the case. Psychics are simply people–people who receive messages that most others do not. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's by tuning into these messages and decoding them that psychics derive the power that they have. Think of them as researchers or experts in a field. They're not some mythical force of nature, they're simply people who have a gift and have learned how to harness it over time.