10 Signs of Psychic Awakening and How to Embrace Them

If you are like many people in the world, then you can sense when things are changing around you. There might be a feeling of taking your life back into your own hands and learning about what it means to be truly happy. There are people on television and who write in newspapers who give ideas as to how they think people should live, but this usually isn't the way for you to live the happy life that you desire. Your consciousness might grow, allowing you to have more aspirations and dreams. This is what many psychics consider a spiritual awakening. There are a few signs that you can pay attention to so that you can embrace the changes instead of blocking them.

Feeling A Change

It's hard to describe, but you might feel like there has been a sudden change in the way that you feel and think. You might want to become a better person or someone different from who you were a short time ago. The feeling that you experience likely leads you to a greater truth, revealing things about yourself that you didn't know or tried to ignore. For some people, it's a scary feeling until you're ready to accept it instead of pushing it away.


Before you change your mind and body, you have to think about the negative parts that were in your life. You will often suddenly realize these issues at one time, knowing that there are people or things in your life that need to be eliminated in order for you to have the life that you want.

Being With New People

You might feel like you need to be with new people, or you might even feel like you need to be alone for a short time so that you can concentrate on being happy with yourself. Being around negative people is draining, and it's when you realize this thought that you'll be able to move forward in life instead of being held back.


Many people have a feeling of compassion for the things that are taking place in the world. They see that there are changes taking place in other countries in their own back yard, wanting to do something to change things to make them better. When you experience the sadness and shock associated with an action, then do something about it, such as helping with a charity or organization.

Meaning In Your Life

There are probably things that don't have the same meaning as they do now. This is a time when you want to change things, such as getting involved with a new career or meeting someone special. When you can't find an interest in what you were doing before, it's likely a spiritual awakening.


Some people will feel extremely sensitive to the senses. Smell and sight are two that are at the top of the list. You'll likely associate a smell with someone special or someone who has passed away who has been a big component in your life. Your soul guide will often push you along the path of being sensitive to the senses, encouraging you to embrace them instead of avoiding how they make you feel.

Knowing Your Worth

Once you realize that you're worth something to everyone else and to yourself, then you can begin to be happy. This will only happen if you awaken the spirit inside and see that there is nothing that can hold you back. Release the negative, and embrace the positive, knowing that you're a special person.

A Coincidence

There will be meaning to events in life. You might talk to someone at just the right time or experience an event that didn't seem to have meaning in your past life but has every bit of meaning now.


Sometimes, you'll change your eating habits with an awakening. You don't want to introduce harmful foods to the body, keeping your temple as clean as possible with fresh foods and water.


Your sleep pattern will likely change. It will often be easier to go to sleep at night and feel rested the next morning. Embrace this as you will need energy to get through the day.