What Causes Individuals to Have Black Auras?

What Causes Individuals to Have Black Auras?

It’s been years since my third eye “opened,” and I was able to observe the auras of those who surrounded me in my life. When it first happened, it was like the auras were on my periphery, but as I grew in my abilities, I was able to see the auras of everyone around me. This lead to a realization: not everyone has sparkly and pristine auras; at least not all of the time.

If you witness someone with a darker-colored or even black aura, it doesn’t mean that they are starkly evil. In fact, black can be in the aura of truly good people! While deep black auras might indicate a person suffused with negative and even evil energy, some darkness can just mean that they are going through a bout of depression, negativity, or have strong issues with another person.

To understand better, let’s take a look at what kinds of emotional states can darken your aura.


Depression is a disease, and sometimes life changes and just about anything can bring on a bout of depression. When you feel this way, the sad emotions will sometimes manifest as a darkness in your aura. This can be the type of depression that is caused by bereavement or it can be the type of depression that is caused by dissatisfaction. In any case, as you can clearly see, this type of black aura isn’t caused by overly negative or evil emotions.


While anger is almost always negative and seldom righteous, having angry feelings is one of the prime causes of darker auras. Do you have someone in your life that you feel has done your wrong and you have a hard time forgiving them for the perceived transgression? If so, this type of anger will darken your aura greatly to the point of blackening it.

Once again, this doesn’t mean that you are a particularly dark or hateful person; it just means that you are having a hard time moving on from a negative life relationship. Moving on past the transgression is a great way to purify yourself and cleanse your aura of the pain.


Similarly to depression, having feelings of hopelessness can lead to a black aura. In truth, when we are at our happiest and most content, our auras become brighter and more luminescent, so hopelessness, whether it’s hopelessness about life in general or about our professional careers, will lead to a darker aura.

For example, you’ve dealt with a crippling dependency on alcohol for years and have been drink-free for a month, but for some reason, you’ve recently fallen off the wagon. This lapse may make you feel hopeless, which will result in more drinking, which in turn can lead to more anger, more depression, and a resultantly blacker aura. Existence is about being as happy and content as you can be, so you can see why hopelessness can result in problems with your aura.

It’s absolutely imperative to understand that a black aura isn’t necessary a damning aura. We all go through tough spurts but recovering from these damaging life events is the key to returning an aura to its natural color. As a person who can see auras, I see the entire spectrum, so someone who seems to have some black in their aura one day may have a bright and warm aura a week later.

Additionally, there are darker colored auras that almost look black, so let’s take a quick look at those.


I consider myself a psychic due to my ability to see auras. One of the first things that I noticed upon observing my own is that there is some indigo shading in my own aura. At first, it looked a bit dark to me, but indigo colored auras are actually natural for those who have opened their third eye, which is also called the pineal eye or sixth chakra. This aura color is an indication that we are more sensitive and intuitive.

Dark Green

This muddy-to-dark colored aura actually is another aura that indicates negative emotions. Usually, if you see dark green in your own or another’s aura, it indicated a deep-seated resentment or jealousy. This typically stems from low self-esteem or deep insecurity.