Tyler Henry “The Hollywood Medium” Biography

Tyler Henry "Hollywood Medium" Biography

Tyler Henry is a reality show personality who can be seen on “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.” This is a relatively new series featuring the Hollywood Psychic Tyler that started in January, 2016.

The show is the largest unscripted series that has been on television in some time, and it features Tyler reading the signs of everyone from politicians to actors.

Some have targeted Tyler as someone who seeks out those who are grieving, giving them information about their loved ones who have passed on, using the grief that they are enduring for a promotional advantage.

Tyler was born in California and has lived there for most of his life. While attending Sierra Pacific High School, he would frequently give readings to teachers and students. This is when he knew that he had a gift of being a clairvoyant.

Soon, he started offering readings to those who lived in the area, expanding to live shows once he felt comfortable in performing the readings. When Tyler graduated high school and entered college, he wanted to be a Hospice nurse so that he could give comfort to those who were dying and to the families who were dealing with the death of loved ones.

Instead, he was discovered by Hollywood personnel and completed a television deal. Tyler started filming his entertainment series when he was 19. Even though there are several people who criticize his skills and object to the way that he is performing his readings, he welcomes the skeptics. He enjoys answering all types of questions, and he is also openly gay, which is something that he acknowledges during the television series.

Tyler's show started with 10 episodes. It airs on Sunday nights on E! and picked up a second season after developers of the show discovered that it was a success. Tyler announced in March that he is working on a memoir.

The basis of the book is to give details about the life of being a medium. He wants others to know that it's not so much as the label of being a medium but helping others that he enjoys more than anything. In the book, he talks about how he felt as a teen when he realized that he could speak to those who have departed this earth and what it feels like to be able to talk to them, the details that he has been able to find out that have helped families.

Although some people would enjoy this talent, Tyler discusses that it's not the best thing to be able to do at times as he hears some of the heartache that departed ones endured before dying and the heartache that families have to deal with when someone leaves too soon.

Among those who have criticized Tyler is Susan Gerbic. She has made many comments about Tyler seeking popularity from his readings. He has been known to talk to parents who have lost children due to suicide, something that Susan believes is preying on victims who are in a vulnerable time in life.

Tyler is said to prey on those who are disaffected and don't understand the real meaning of a medium or what it's meant to offer. Some have said that it doesn't take a genius in order to understand the lives of celebrities and that it doesn't take a lot of communication to be able to read the thoughts of those who have lost loved ones.

There are people who believe that Tyler is faking his clairvoyance and is only in the career for the money and the popularity, leaving the practice once he has made a success of himself.

Steven Novella is another who believes that Tyler is simply faking his skills. He believes the Tyler wants to inject false hope in the lives of those who are grieving and need support instead of being told fabrications that no one can believe. Tyler isn't a trained counselor, which is what some mediums train to be before they offer their services.

This would mean that Tyler has no certifications, which is something that many believe he should be required to have in order to perform his readings. While it might not be a requirement, it would be proof that he has gone through some kind of training or that he understands the role of being a medium and the concepts that are behind the skill.

Many actors and those who are mediums don't think that Tyler will submit to any kind of scientific claim. There is a potential for harm to families, especially if he gives the wrong information or false hope. If he were to only perform readings for celebrities or use an entertaining approach, then Tyler's work might not be that bad.

However, he is seeking out families. These are real people who believe that he can help them reach those who have gone on and who want to talk to their loved ones once again.

Tyler has given readings to people who include Donald Trump, Jodie Sweetin and Ross Matthews. People who have seen the readings of these celebrities and politicians have noticed that he doesn't take on the mentality of a clairvoyant.

He performs his readings in a way that suggests that he is simply gathering background information from the people before adding a few details of his own. It's nothing more than a luke-warm generalization that is meant to provide a few laughs at times and a few tears at just the right moment. There were also errors in memory for each person who went through a reading, a clear indication that Tyler doesn't know what he's doing.

Bobby Finger is one who believes that Tyler's show is a fake. He also feels, along with many other viewers, that it's the worst show on television right now. These thoughts go against the ratings of the show, which is why the show was picked up for a second season.

Regardless of whether Tyler is a true medium or if he is simply giving details to families about things that he gathers from talking to them before the show begins, only Tyler really knows whether he can truly speak to the deceased.

When someone loses a family member who is loved, it's a time when they want to seek closure. It's not a time for people like Tyler to exploit their grief. Susan wants others to know that this isn't all in innocent fun and that it should not be recognized as a scientific or religious television show by any means.

Tyler continues to show that he does have the ability to communicate while disregarding the negative comments.

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