Psychic Medium George Anderson Biography

For over forty years the psychic George Anderson has been gifted with the ability to connect the world of the living with the realm of the dead. He has used this gift to convey messages of love and hope from those who have passed away. Since he was just six years old, George Anderson was able to hear the souls of the departed. He conveys these words of peace and comfort to families still grieving their loss. He is considered by many in the religious, medical, and scientific fields to be one of the best living mediums.

What is a Medium?

George Anderson is considered a psychic medium. This is someone who can communicate with the dead. Dedicating his life to helping those in the throws of grief better cope with their loss, George Anderson has helped many people move on. His messages are accurate and specific, which is unusual for most people in this particular field. George Anderson is unique in the sense that he acts as a conduit to the afterlife.

Brief Biography of a Medium

When he was six years old, George Anderson came down with the chicken pox. This is usually harmless, but with George it developed into an almost fatal case of encephalomyelitis, which is when the brain swells. This caused serious damage to his cerebrum and caused him a crushing disability. He was no longer able to walk.

Doctors did not at that time think he was going to survive. Luckily, he made a slow recovery over a period of a few months. He was even able to walk again. Soon after this incident, George began seeing images of a woman wearing purple robes. She spoke to George about life after death and explained what was expected of him in the future. George later learned that this woman was St. Joan of Arc. Soon after this incident he also began seeing relatives, family, and friends who had died. At first this was seen by his parents as childish play, but as the episodes continued and became more detailed, they began to fear that he had brain damage from his illness.

This did not stop him from communicating with these souls. He continued to have sessions with them well into his teenage years. This upset his friends, family, and teachers so much that he was almost committed to an insane asylum. He was very close to being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, his family believed that his visions and voices were resulting from a serious mental illness. Luckily an understanding doctor believed in him and intervened.

As a young man George continued to receive these messages, although reluctantly so. People who had recently suffered a loss began to seek him out. George would help convey messages to the family and friends of those who had died. He saw the comfort that this brought to those experiencing grief. At this point, he realized that helping those who were suffering from grief reconnect to their lost loved ones was his life's calling.

The Gift

No one knows for sure about where George's abilities came from. Some people believe that he was chosen by the departed souls to be a communicator. These souls find him and use him to express their messages to their loved ones. People in the medical field believe that his gift came from his early illness. The brain was rewired after the trauma he suffered, over adapting and stimulating the area of the brain that can understand the electromagnetic energy souls utilize in order to communicate with this world.

His Career and Notoriety

George Anderson is one of the first mainstream psychics. He paved the way for many others to share their gifts with the public. In 1982 he was the first psychic to appear on a regular weekly television show. It was a program called Psychic Channels, which was one of the first psychic television shows. The program successfully changed the way people thought about mediums and psychic ability.

“We Don't Die” was written by George Anderson in 1987. This was the first book written by a medium that also became a best seller. In the book he wrote about his experiences with his unusual ability.

Soon after his book was published, George agreed to undergo rigorous tests from top scientists from the University of Arizona. These tests were designed to test true psychic ability. They eliminated the fraud and cold reading abilities commonly used by fakes and mental magicians. George Anderson was one of the first psychics to pass these tests, and thus verify his gift to receive messages from the dead.

In the 1990's, George began gaining notoriety as a psychic. This sparked the nation's interest in the phenomenon. Newspapers, magazines, television, and radio shows all began running stories about psychics. Many of these featured George Anderson, he has been filmed for literally dozens of shows on psychic abilities. He even had his own primetime special called Contact: Talking to the Dead. Some of the other shows he was featured in include Life Afterlife on HBO, Beyond Chance on Lifetime, Unsolved Mysteries, Put to the Test on NBC, Larry King Live on CNN, and The Extraordinary on NBC. He was even featured in Japan and Europe.

George Anderson was also honored by being invited to Holland to work with the surviving family of Anne Frank. He was the first and only psychic invited to help the family communicate with the loved ones they had lost.

After his initial bestseller, George Anderson wrote other books on the afterlife and his psychic ability. “Lessons from the Light” and “Walking in the Garden of Souls” also went on to become bestsellers. He also wrote “Our Children Forever,” which sold over one million copies. These books have all been in print continuously for over twenty-three years.

How the Sessions Work

George Anderson compares his way communicating with spirits as taking a Polaroid picture. Once the session begins, some of the information starts to become clear. The souls appear and George starts to work with them on finding some common grown with the surviving loved ones. People in attendance are only asked to respond “Yes” or “No” in order to express if they understand the information the souls are trying to communicate. These souls already know why you are asking for a session, so this part goes very quickly and easily. They know what it is you want to hear from them and are quick to express themselves. Many people even end up hearing from more relatives who have passed on than they expected. However, they also know who it is you need to hear from the most, so this is the soul that will start the session.

This is a unique model. By only acknowledging if you understand what is being conveyed or not, there is no way for George to fake his way through the session. Most frauds and con artists read provided information from you to develop a vague but convincing session. George Anderson simply communicates the messages your loved ones want you to hear, he does not require that you reveal any information or details about your deceased friends or family members.

George Anderson is a psychic medium who has a truly unique gift. His wish is to bring comfort to those who are suffering from a loss and experiencing grief. Considered one of the leading mediums alive today, George Anderson has worked hard to bring peace and understanding to those left behind by departed loved ones.