Elizabeth Baron Biography

Although sometimes called a psychic or a “ghost buster,” Elizabeth Baron was a trance medium who considered her patron saint to be Saint Catherine of Sienna, a nun of the Dominican order who lived from 1347 to 1380. Baron is considered to be the world’s most documented medium and spiritual teacher. She was a meditation and prayer teacher as well as a consultant. She ran […]

Gordon Smith Biography

Gordon Smith is a British psychic who was born on July 6, 1962 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was the seventh son of a father who was also a seventh son. Before Smith began his career as a psychic medium, he was a barber, so he is known as The Psychic Barber. He is considered one of the most famous psychics in Britain, and he makes […]

Psychic Tia Belle Biography

The afterlife is something that many people find fascinating. Thoughts about what actually happens when we die cause a lot of wonder and unanswered questions. Those who profess to have a psychic connection to spirits from beyond the grave offer the promise of a glimpse into the afterlife. While there are many sceptics about the authenticity of such happenings, some psychics, such as Tia Belle, […]

Jane Roberts Biography

Jane Roberts was a world famous psychic who specialized in channeling energy and working with spirits. Ms. Robert’s most prominent claim to fame was her authoring of the works known as the Seth Materials. These materials contain writings that she was able to channel from a spirit personality known as Seth. Early Life Jane Roberts was born on May 8th, 1929 in Albany, the small […]

Louise L. Hay Biography

Louise L. Hay is a best-selling author and metaphysical healer. Her best-known works include “You Can Heal Your Life” and “Heal Your Body.” Through her books and during decades of personal appearances, Hay has shared her belief in the power of the metaphysical with millions of people. Hay believes a person’s ability to change his or her life situation or to heal physical illness is […]

John Holland Biography

Psychic gifts are hard to understand, almost impossible if not experienced first hand. This is one thing that makes John Holland so special…he speaks to the dead and the living in a way that bridges the gap of material and spiritual worlds and brings help, as well as understanding to those, dead and alive, who would normally have no opportunity to communicate. His has been […]

Derek Acorah Biography

Derek Acorah is a medium who lives near Southport, England. He lives with his wife, Gwen and his many pets. In a short amount of time, this professional psychic has gained international renown through personal appearances, radio shows and television shows. In fact, Derek Acorah has made public appearances in quite a few different places. These places include the United States of America, New Zealand, […]

Psychic John Edwards Biography

One of the most famous psychics of recent history is John Edward. Born John Edward McGee, Jr. in October of 1969, Edward was launched onto the American psychic scene after the publication of his first book in 1998. He then began to demonstrate his psychic abilities on television with the creation of his well-known program, Crossing Over with John Edward. Edward claims that he knew […]

Psychic Sylvia Browne Biography

As one of the most popular psychics of her generation, Sylvia Browne was known around the world for her bold predictions and other paranormal abilities. Up until her death on November 20, 2013, Browne touched the lives of thousands of people through her readings, appearances, books, as well as many other public forums. But before we can understand what Sylvia Browne meant to the psychic […]