Michelle Whitedove Biography

Michelle Whitedove is a world famous psychic whose abilities have been documented on television and that have taken her around the world to share her gifts.

She has been dubbed the ‘first legitimate psychic' by regularly demonstrating her extraordinary abilities on the public stage.

Her particular talents include reading the future, discerning medical conditions, discovering past lives, assisting in investigations, and serving as a clairvoyant.

Michelle reports that she first realized she had a special gift when she was eight years old. It was then that she determined that other people did not see the world beyond the physical realm the same way she did. She says that she was born a medium and possessed gifts of sight and communication from birth.

As a child, she struggled to understand why others did not acknowledge what she calls guardian angels and spirit guides. She realized that others could not see those entities. Over the years, Michelle has learned that her gift allows her to vibrate in time with the vibrations of the universe, allowing her to connect with entities of energy and spirit.

Michelle has spent her life honing her gift. She uses prayer and meditation to make spiritual connections to spiritual beings. Her communications with the spirit realm have strengthened over time as she practiced and learned to control her intuitions. This strength has allowed her to provide guidance to millions of people and to serve others in a unique way.

Michelle says that her gift has both positive and negative outcomes. First and foremost, she is able to help others by contributing to the solving of medical mysteries, by answering painful questions for loved ones, and by serving as a source of comfort for bereft children.

But Michelle says her gift also forces her to see the negative aspects of her own friends and family, something that can be difficult to accept. Still, the incredible accuracy of her readings (she has a 98% accuracy rate) provides an important service for people around the globe.

Michelle is also a clairvoyant. As a clairvoyant, she is able to see the past, the present, and the future by receiving images of people, places, and things. She is also considered clairsentient, which means she can also get a messages in the form of her other sense (smell, taste, and touch). These two gifts combine to give her a powerful understanding of the world in all of its forms.

Michelle's ability as a spirit medium is perhaps her most acclaimed skill. She can connect with loved ones who have passed on, and she gives readings for her clients. In these cases, she seems to be part of two worlds. The first is the spirit realm where departed souls communicate with her by using images and feelings. The second world is the physical world where Michelle communicates the messages from the dead. These messages help Michelle's clients to obtain closure, to heal, and to have some assurance that their loved ones are safe and still live on.

Michelle has had many opportunities to share her gifts on a broad scale, conducting televised readings. Michelle has earned much public acclaim, making appearances on every major television network, including Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS, and Telemundo. She has also appeared on NBC's Today show where she shared her talents with Matt Lauer.

Perhaps most notably, Michelle participated in a reality TV show called “America's Psychic Challenge”. This program, which aired on Lifetime TV, allowed Michelle to demonstrate her supernatural abilities for the entire viewing community.

Michelle won the title of America's Top Psychic when she found a stuntman buried in the desert simply by being given a picture of the man. The viewing community for psychic reality programming has blossomed to include viewers around the globe as the Psychic Challenge Franchise satiates burgeoning interest in the paranormal, spirit communication, and psychic phenomena.

In fact, after winning “America's Psychic Challenge”, Michelle was invited to participate in a competition of extreme psychic challenges in the Netherlands. There, she competed against five other winners of shows similar to her own.

Besides her public and televised appearances, Michelle is also an author. She shares her gifts in written form in a series of books that chronicle her experiences and help others to obtain spiritual connections in order to achieve and expand on each person's individual truth.

Titles include “My Invisible Friends”, “Angels Are Talking: A Psychic Medium Relays Messages from the Heavens”, and “Ghost Stalker: A Psychic Medium Visits America's Most Haunted Sites”. She has published an E-book called “Ask Michelle”. She also serves as a columnist for Horizons Magazine and OM Times. Her column is also called “Ask Whitedove”, and she uses her powers to help readers with personal requests. She can be found on DVD and VHS as well in pieces called “Creating Your Reality” and “No One Dies In Lily Dale”.

Over the years, Michelle has become a spiritual teacher, and she continues to share her gifts on television, on the radio, and via telephone as a psychic reader. As a spiritual teacher, she strives to provide guidance for others. She teaches them how to open their minds and bodies to the energy of the universe, thus making deeper connections in their lives.

Her psychic skills allow her to perform as a medical intuitive as well as a psychic investigator, a consultant, and a futurist. As a medical intuitive, Michelle sees into a client's physical body and can advise on what medical help her client should seek.

She also uses her powers as an empath to take on the emotional and physical conditions of her clients, better allowing her to help the people around her. She is able to channel healing power from the universe in order to promote healing for others.

As a psychic investigator, Michelle lends her considerable talents to investigators whose cases have run to the end of their course. In these cases, Michelle creates a psychic profile of the case and conjures a sense of the perpetrator.

She can also visit crime scenes and, using her otherworldy connections, draw conclusions about the crime and the criminals involved. She can solve mysteries, crimes, and disappearances and provide detectives with information that they did not otherwise have. Her ability to unravel mysteries has gained her national attention.

Now in her thirties, Michelle resides in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area in south Florida. But she spends her time traveling the country to serve others, bringing her gift to the masses.

In so doing, Michelle has devoted her life to helping others, to bringing peace and understanding to a troubled world, and to making connections between the self, the world, the world beyond the physical realm, and the universe at large.