Esther Hicks Biography

American inspirational speaker, author, and frequently referred to as a spirit channeler, Esther Hicks entered this world in Coalville, Utah on March 5, 1948 as Esther Weaver. She married her husband Jerry Hicks, then a successful Amway distributor, in 1980. Esther has one daughter, Tracy, from a previous marriage.

Raised in a small Rocky Mountain town, Hicks was an extremely receptive and laid back child who was simply content with observing and appreciating all that was around her. As an adult, her easy going attitude about life continued, and shortly after her marriage to Jerry, Esther Hicks began to meditate daily. Within a few short months a group of entities known as Abraham emerged from Esther's consciousness.

Hicks describes Abraham as being an “infinite intelligence” and a “group consciousness from the non-physical dimension”. Abraham has their own explanation of who “they” are, however, and communicates this perception through Esther by saying that when a person experiences moments of pure love, great amounts of joy, or magnificent exhilaration, it is actually the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham truly is.

Although Esther Hicks is commonly referred to as a spirit channeler, Abraham clearly states that this is not truly the case. According to Abraham, channeling describes many things which Esther is not. A more accurate description is that Abraham is an inspiration to awaken what truly is. Examples that are used to clarify include that a person would not refer to a basketball player, musician, or surgeon as a channeler, although each is channeling the essence of his being into a more specific route as an extension of Source Energy.

Not long after Abraham emerged, Jerry and Esther Hicks began traveling across the United States in their enormous bus hosting workshops and introducing Abraham to the massive crowds of curious people. At the beginning of each workshop, Jerry clearly states that he and Esther are merely there for their own enjoyment, and it is up to each unique individual to take what they will from the experience. Individuals are then allowed to interact with Abraham and ask questions or make comments as they see fit. The goal of the Abraham-Hicks workshops is to enlighten individuals about the effects of the positive (and negative) forces inside of them.

Hicks' Teachings

The teachings of Esther Hicks, also known as the Abraham-Hicks teachings, are based upon a strong belief in the laws of attraction. In essence, people create their own reality and life was meant to be fun. These teachings encourage followers to believe that they can have or be anything they want, and their own emotions actually guide them into achieving the life that they experience. According to Abraham-Hicks, the universe simply reflects each individual's own feelings about the life he or she has created.

Since 1986, the Abraham-Hicks teachings have been presented as follows:

  • You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical.
  • You are here in this body because you chose to be here.
  • The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.
  • You are a creator; you create with your every thought.
  • Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.
  • As you are choosing your throughts, your emotions are guiding you.
  • The universe adores you for it knows your broadest intentions.
  • Relax into your natural well-being. All is well.
  • You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy.
  • Actions to be taken and products to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy.
  • You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain.
  • You can not die; you are everlasting life.

The Law of Attraction, a concept that was focused on in the book Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson, has served as inspiration for the Abraham-Hicks teachings. For many, Esther Hicks' teachings provide self help and uplifting answers to many of life's great questions. For others, however, the teachings are used simply as a way to feel good an allow the universe to provide what is desired.


Esther Hicks and her late husband have co-authored eight books throughout their years together. Best selling books include:

  • Ask and It is Given
  • Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and & Happiness
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Astonishing Power of Emotions
  • The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
  • The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles all Cooperative Relationships

Additionally, Jerry and Esther Hicks are the authors of the fictional children's series of Sara books. A number of their books have been translated into a variety of languages as well.


Esther Hicks served as a central source of inspiration for the film “The Secret”, as well as being a narrator and star. A short time later, however, a conflict between the film's creator Rhonda Byrne and Esther arose, and Esther's performances were removed from the more recently released “Extended Edition”.

Self Help Products and Additional Materials

In addition to the presentation of inspirational workshops throughout the United States, Esther Hicks offers a multitude of self help products and additional materials to her fans. A wide variety of books, audio books, videos, CDs, journals, calendars and downloadable materials are available to assist followers in achieving their goals from the privacy of their own homes.

About the Abraham-Hicks Workshops

A variety of Abraham-Hicks workshops are offered in approximately 40 U.S. cities each year, as well as in two to three international cities or cruises. These workshops are designed to awaken the clarity that is already within each individual who attends. Since the workshops are all open forum, there are no questions that are off limits. Guests are asked to acknowledge a list of “workshop guidelines” before attending, however. The agenda of each workshop is actually created through the thoughts, comments and questions that are presented throughout the investigation into the “Science of Deliberate Creation” in order to offer the maximum benefit to participants. Single day workshops last approximately four hours, but special two-day events are offered as well.

While many people have compared the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Abraham-Hicks teachings to that of a Christian Evangelist, it is clear that numerous individuals throughout the world have benefited from their teachings without ever purchasing anything or attending any workshops at all.

Although Jerry Hicks lost his life to cancer in 2011, Esther Hicks continues to travel the world offering the inspirational perspective of Abraham to followers.