What Is a Horoscope?

Horososcope Basics

A horoscope is an interpretation of the planet and sun's orbit around each other at the time of birth. This positioning of the sun gives a person their zodiac sign, and it's often used to predict the course of their life as well as explain personality and characteristics. A horoscope can be referred to as a natal chart, astro-chart, sky-map, radix and celestial map.

The astrological chart that people use to predict an event or answer a question is filled with symbols and signs that represent the planet's configurations and patterns. From the chart, an astrologer will perform complex calculations to answer questions or predict events.

Ancient Science

Before the end of the 17th century, astrology as well as horoscopes were considered an important part of society. They influenced the language and culture. In some cultures, the changes of seasons and other cycles of the planets were considered to be communications from a divine being.

The concept waned in popularity until the 20th century when horoscopes came back into the mainstream media, which mainly consisted of newspaper horoscopes.

Terms in Astrology that Influence Horoscopes

This is the event's subject, which is most often the person's birth date, but could be another event.

Celestial Sphere
This is the imaginary sphere that helps pinpoint constellations and planets within the zodiac.

Plane of the Ecliptic
This plane is defined by the orbit of the earth as well as the sun.

Plane of Horizon
This plane is centered on the native or event.

There are 4 angles in a horoscope, which are the first house, tenth house, seventh house and the fourth house.

  • East Angle – Ascendant – First House
  • North Angle – Midheaven – Tenth House
  • West Angle – Descendant – Seventh House
  • South Angle – Imum Coeli – Fourth House

The Breakdown in the Zodiac

The zodiac is a belt or zone with a circle of animals that is divided into twelve signs. Each sign represents a month of the year, and everyone's birth date falls within one of those signs.

The signs correspond to the months of the year starting with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo then continuing on to Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius before completing the chart with Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

What Can They Predict?

A person's horoscope can predict many things in their life in the future as well as guidance through life events that are weighing on their mind.

A progressed chart will take the planets on the day you were born and progress them along to the year you'd like to have predicted. You might like to see what happens when you hit 30 years old, or your 50th year might be more appealing to predict.

A solar arc chart is a bit similar to the previously mentioned chart, but the progressed chart will move all the planets as one unit. In a solar chart, each planet is moved individually, which creates an arc that evaluates where each planet will be in the future.

Types of Horoscopes

When you're reading a horoscope in a newspaper, you're reading a general horoscope that gives advice to a broad range of people born under a certain astrological sign.

This type of horoscope is prepared by an astrologer who takes your specific details like the date and exact time of your birth.

Planets, Sun and Moon Representations

Each of the planets as well as the sun and moon can represent parts of our personality that can reflect how we'll deal with situations. The sun often reflects the biggest goals in our lives, or things we want deeply. The moon represents our emotional selves.

The planets reflect other parts of us like Venus, which reflects the way we relate to other people. Mars represents our energy and talents.

Why People Read Horoscopes

When reading the newspaper or seeing them online, many people will read their predictions for entertainment. They find it amusing to see if the predictions will come true, which mostly doesn't happen with generalized horoscopes for the masses.

Predict Events
With personalized readings, an astrologer can predict some of the things that will happen to you in the future based on where the planets will be at that time.

Horoscopes tend to reflect the type of person you are as well as characteristics of your personality based on the date of your birth. This information can help you predict what you should do in a certain situation. For example, if your sign says you're aggressive, you might want to tone down that tendency for an upcoming job interview.

A person's horoscope can be used to predict life events or reflect personality traits that can help guide you during conflicting moments in your life. When a certain planet is in a house or angle, it can help predict how we should react to that situation based on our tendencies.